Planar Travel

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Be it the stuff of legends or bedtime stories, planar travel is reserved for a few individuals of great power. Nevertheless there are sages specialising in the matter, most experts in theory rather than through practice.

The Planar Path

The route to Inner Planes and further to the Outer Planes is known as the "Planar Path". It is a guideline confirmed by few and tested by even fewer. The Planar Path is a very vague guideline, compared to maps of the Mortal World and many who have set out to follow it have never returned.

The Inner Gate

All sages and experts agree fully with that either Ethereal Plane or the Plane of Shadow are to be used as the initial gateway. They coexists with all the Inner Planes, including the material plane. However, they are not linked with eachother.

In other words, an aspiring planar traveller must first find a way of entering the Ethereal Plane or the Plane of Shadow. It is from there that all the other Inner Planes can be reached through practicing what is known as "Inner Planar Travel". This is the most common and verified form of planar travel. However, it is also from the Ethereal Plane and the Plane of Shadow that the Astral Plane, known as the Outer Gate, can be reached.

The numerous portals in the Ethereal Plane and the Plane of Shadow are to the vexation of all planar travellers located with great great distances in between them. The knowledge of which plane one wishes to reach is thus necessary, as is the location of that particular portal. There is an overhanging risk of getting lost otherwise - often leading to death through dehydration and starvation.

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The Outer Gate

It is believed, mostly through theoretical discussions, that the Astral Plane is the gateway to the Outer Planes in what is known as "Outer Planar Travel". The Astral Plane is said to hold gates to Gesana, the Death Realm, from where all the other Outer Planes can be accessed - very much in the same manner as by the judged souls sent forth to their destined planes.

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