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This is a guide for creating a player character for the Charun setting. It details races and classes, as well as other miscellaneous information. If you are new to the setting of Charun, it is suggested that you begin with choosing a race, an available class from the racial description and finally an appropriate name. It can be a good idea to complete the Character Survey to flesh out your characters history and motivations. If you want to save time and create a character quickly, choose "Quick Start".

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Character Creation


There are three Player Character factions in Charun, where races and cultures within each faction are more or less allied, viewing the others as enemies. In addition to those, there are countless NPC factions that interact with PCs in various ways.


There are seven playable races in Charun, with numerous sub-races and cultures to choose from. They are all detailed in this section.


Your character class is your vocation; it determines your strengths, your training and more. Along with race it determines, in game terms, who you are. You will find information about them all in this section.

Regional Names

A name is something that identifies your player character as a member of a race, realm or culture. It adds to the atmosphere of Charun and it is highly recommended that you use the guides found in this section.

Personality Traits

Each character chooses three traits that form the basic foundations of personality.

WoC Custom Features

There has been many mechanical changes and additions that make WoC differ from default NWN2.


Your character's ability scores are not only used by the game mechanics, but they also largerly determine how the player character is role played and perceived by others.


There are numerous feats available in the game. This section details those that are modified in some manner from their default NWN2 function, or those that are new and unique to WoC.

Experience Points

The WoC XP System is there to encourage RP as well as keep the balance in the world.


Skills represent the individual areas of practical knowledge possessed by a character. These are in addition to the base abilities of the character's class and race.


Faith and gods are matters of course in Charun. All inhabitants of the world acknowledge the existence of greater powers and deities.

Character SurveyX

The survey is intended as help to flesh out your character's background and motivation. It can be a good idea to have certain characteristics set from the start, however, that does not hinder your player character from developing and gaining new insights.

Quick StartX

Charun is in many ways a vast world and it can be daunting with all the information available for those not familiar with it. The numerous races and sub-races found require patience and interest to research in order to create a suitable player character. This section helps those who want quick access to the world, through a summary of important things about the world, as well as an easy step-by-step guide to character creation.

Character Customisation

This section details the various ways that your character can influence the world, as well as the customisation options at start and over the course of the game.

Fate Points

Fate points are a narrative device to enable the players to have an input in the game. With Fate Points, you, the player, can alter the game world in some way so as to benefit your character. Fate points are intended to offer you the chance to add to the story of your character, adapting the events around them, or the circumstances that befall your character so as to make a better game and feel for the World of Charun.

Language ChoicesX

Languages are important in many ways. They are a way of communication between player characters that adds to the atmosphere of the world, as well as a necessity at times to understand written lore, parlay with NPCs or understand what is being said by your captors.


Reputation can get you far in Charun. It has saved many adventurers more than once.

Corruption and InsanityX

One's mental health can take damage as well as one's physical health. Unnatural encounters and continuous dealings with ambiguous powers can lead to that, making sorcerers especially vulnerable.

High Level Features

Upon reaching higher levels a character can attract a number of followers, build a stronghold of his own and have a heraldry.


Along with their levels, characters also gain reputation. Those who show promise, great power, a path towards success, or perhaps just a friendly demeanor, may find that NPCs want to follow them. These NPCs may wish for apprenticeships, employment, or a leader they can look up to.


Upon reaching sufficient level your character may purchase/build a stronghold. It may be a mansion, a tower, a castle, a temple or a dungeon – the possibilities are almost limitless, as long as your character has the means of carrying through with the project.

Heraldic ShieldsX

Your character may have his own heraldic shield upon reaching sufficient level, regardless of his or her class. This shield can be worn by the character or/and by the characters followers or other hirelings.

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