Prabir Mandhatri

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304 IV -

High Commander Mandhatri
High Commander Mandhatri

High Commander of the Royal Army of Kanjo

Prabir Mandhatri is known as a man of neither compromises nor regrets. He enforces his command with an iron fist, often through instant decissions based on intuition and experience.

Prabir was born into one of the highest standing bloodlines within the Hatriya caste. The Mandhatri family is influential and wealthy, and the long line of officers found among them can be traced back more than a millenia. Prabir was thus from birth prepared for a career in the Royal Army as an officer - a task and duty he quickly embraced and enjoyed. His achievements are legendary in Kanjo. He began his career along the border of Tengria, successfully fighting the raiding Tengar for 8 years. Such was his reputation as a fierce warrior among the riders of Tengria that they gave him the name "Ganarslan", which translates to "Steel Lion". The Kanjite soldiers still stationed at the border often state jokingly that a relieved breath was heard across Tengria when the Steel Lion left their borders.

A scarred veteran already at the age of 26, Prabir arrived to the Kanjite military academy in the capital Balahpur in 330 IV. Such was his reputation a Tengar-killer, that he had been summoned back to teach new aspiring officers proper warfare. However, Prabir was not suited for teaching - much to the dismay of the Royal Army. He required a certain level of danger in order to function, which was something the academy could not offer him. His career as a teacher would thus last merely one year.

Prabir was sent to the Yao province in 332 IV. A resistance movement employing guerilla tactics had risen there against their Kanjite masters, and Prabir was seen fit to strike the resistance down. His background fighting Tengar warriors, who utilized non-conventional warfare by Kanjite standards, was seen as a merit that would pay off. After only one and a half year all the resistance-men had been hunted down and slain without mercy. Prabir had proven his determination and skill once more.

After governing the Yao province for 4 years, reestablishing the respect and fear of Kanjo that had been lost there, he was sent to the Western Lands as an Emissary leading a Kanjite delegation of diplomats and merchants. Where the diplomats and merchants were to reach new trading agreements, Prabir had another task. He was to represent the military power of Kanjo, as well as to inspect the armies of the Western Lands.

When Prabir returned to Balahpur in 341 IV he had learned the necessary tools to perform in the political arena and he soon became a fearsome opponent in Kanjite politics. His determination and non-compromising approach in combination with his growing legend led to few daring to oppose him.

Prabir Mandhatri was chosen as the new High Commander of the Royal Army of Kanjo in 353 IV. He had by then spent over a decade in politics promoting changes to the tradition-bound Royal Army. He felt that the army had to be modernised in order to prevail a possible conflict with the Western Lands in the future.

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