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The Prestige Classes are special and have to be applied for in order to pick. This goes for both the default Prestige Classes, and others labeled so in Charun - it can be that there are simply very few members of that class, and to keep the numbers down, they have to be portioned out. It can also be that they require extensive research and study to portray. In order to apply for a Prestige Class, you need to send a PM (Private Message) to the "Prestige Application" account. However, it requires that you are a forum member.

Link to the Prestige Application Account: Prestige Application Mailbox

Use the following form when applying:

-Character Name:
-Class applying for:
-Level Taken:
-Class(es) Taken Prior:
-Character Race:

  • How you see your character behaving, acting, and believing in later levels?
  • What your character has done thus far to prepare?
  • How this will add to the flavor and story of Charun?
  • What the prestige class means to you, and how you intend to do it justice with your portrayal?


The following classes are currently available. Those not noted here can not be applied for.

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