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The Discrepant Deep

Stormy sea of Pronuro
Stormy sea of Pronuro

Pronuro is a chaotic plane of stormy skies and a raging ocean.

Features and Traits

Pronuro consists of a dark green, stormy ocean that constantly rages - immense in size and bottomless with cyclones and whirlpools appearing and dissapearing without notice. The sky is filled with stormclouds, constantly filling the air with deafening thunder and blinding lightning. Islands of varying size float around aimlessly, tossed around by colossal waves and powerful currents. A large area near the centre of the ocean is frozen, with enormous ice bergs and whipping whirlwinds.

Movement is similar to that on the Material Plane, but the conditions make travel extremely difficult. The strong winds and currents make both the air and the ocean nearly impossible to maneuvre in, unless surrending to them, flying or floating along with the wind or current. The islands are somewhat stable, even though they are in constant movement, both vertically and horizontally.

Planar Travel

There are various means of reaching Pronuro, be it through spells, plane shifting abilities, portals or through an accident. The cyclones and whirlpools raging on the plane can at random create portals leading to and from the Astral Plane, as well as to the Abyss and Arepio. These portals appear as shimmering, green lights on the other side and are the most common ways of travel between the planes.

The River Styx originates in Pronuro and it allows travellers to navigate it and access the Abyss and further on Hell.

Pronuro has a normal atmoshphere and inhabitants breathe normally, either above the ocean, or through gills under water. There are both salt and sweet water sections and currents in the ocean, with the sweet water being fit for drinking. The only food available is that offered in the form of the large fish and other creatures living there.

If a visitor dies in Pronuro, the body is dissolved and the soul sent to Gesana to be judged.


The majority of beings found on Pronuro dwell in the ocean. Gargantuan squids, colossal meat-eating fish, snakes and other sea-monsters belong to the largest species, while fish sized as those found in the Mortal World belong to the smallest. A species of green-skinned humanoids with gills also dwell in the sea. Most scholars refer to them as Pronurans, which has resulted to them being considered the prominent beings of the plane. All sea-dwellers use the currents for transportation, since it is virtually impossible to swim in any other direction.

The creatures not dwelling in the ocean are found flying across the stormy skies of Pronuro, such as the imp-like Storm Child, the Storm Lizard, as well as the huge and feared predator known as the Air Shark. Even though they dwell in the skies, they're excellent swimmers and usually hunt through diving into the deep waters.

The only structures found are either located in the frozen centre, or on the floating islands. There are no cities, settlements or colonies on them, with each island rather being claimed by one, often powerful being. The icy centre on the other hand sees hordes of wolf-like creatures, huge apes covered by white fur and white dragons. There lies also the Halls of Drakfar, a powerful warlord of Pronuro who leads massive armies of fallen warriors in combat against one and other upon the frozen ocean.

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