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Lord of Havoc

The spirit and essence of Randar can be found in every storm, earthquake and tornado. The God of Chaos is as unpredictable and unreliable as the chaos he spawns. Not even the other Gods trust him, due his temper is as ever-changing as the ocean. Randar represents the opposite of law and order: he is unrestrictive, both creative and destructive. Where many religions revere the principles of harmony and order, the followers of Randar recognise disharmony and chaos as equally valid aspects of reality.

He is the bitter enemy of Haerian, the God of Order.

Mythology: Chaos in the World




Chaos (storms, destruction, earthquakes, vortices, the ocean, everything unpredictable)

Status in the Fourth Age

Randar has much in common with many of the New Powers, as well as with the Fourth Age itself with its disorder, destruction and turmoil. This has kept the number of faithful somewhat constant, since the current situation in the world is beneficial even to the faith of Randar. The faith is, however, even more disorganised than in the Third Age with barely any known temples or shrines outside the Northlands.

Even the sailors have abandoned the Lord of Havoc in favour for the Spawn - ironically a being believed to be created by Randar.


There are no holy days, set rituals or ceremonies associated with Randar. The way of worshipping him is as impulsive and disorderly as the God himself - every follower is to find his own way and time of praising the Lord of Havoc. The few temples and shrines that exist are known to hold ceremonies during storms.

Mortals fear the God of Chaos for his capriciousness and many sailors pray to him before they leave harbour, regardless of what faith they actually belong to. It is best not to anger the Lord of Havoc, because there usually is only one outcome to that.


Followers of Randar include sailors, free spirited individuals and those that see law and order as something unnecessary placed there to limit ones freedom. Randar's followers revere the unpredictability represented by the God, they are often unrestrictive and both creative as well as destructive. Impulsiveness is also a common trait amongst them. Many devoted followers tattoo themselves in a similar fashion as the God's priesthood.

Associated Creatures

Crow / Spawn of Randar, All Elementals


The priests of Randar dress in grey and green garments. Usually they cover their bodies with sacred green and black tattoos depicting creatures associated with the God and lightning bolts tangled with various non-geometrical symbols.

There is no organised priesthood devoted to Randar. The existing temples are founded and managed by loose gatherings of individuals who share their faith, usually led by the most powerful member. Official titles set by the faith doesn't exist. If one wishes to call one self "high priest", no one will stop you from doing so. Such titles can, however, attract powerful foes - which eliminates most novices unworthy of such titles.

Being accepted by the faith is rather uncomplicated. When a "high priest" was asked about the matter, he replied;

If you want to join the faith of Randar, then declare yourself what you wish. Do what you like and tell us about it, or if you prefer do not.

There are no rules anywhere - The Lord of Havoc prevails!


Major Domain: Randar
Minor Domains: Destruction, Disorder

More about: Domains


A Lightningbolt or a fist holding a lightning bolt symbolizes Randar. The meaning behind the latter is quite contradictory. The hand of Randar holding the bolt actually controls the element of chaos by doing so, which also goes against the very nature of the God and the fact that chaos can´t be controlled - or it becomes orderly. Scholars have disputed this since the dawn of time, but a common opinion amongst them is that Randar being the very essence of chaos may perhaps control chaos through being chaos…?


Black, Grey, Green

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