Randvar Leikrson

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330 - 391 IV

PC played by Jordy

King Randvar in 390 IV.
King Randvar in 390 IV.


King of Atalheim

Randvar son of Leikr was a Northman in service of Eirikur Ivarson, King of Ulvhavn. He was sent to the Old Land in 355 IV with the mission of mapping out the region and establishing a colony and trading post for Northman ships to resupply in.

The combination of his northern temper and being a devote Haerinite with a strong sense of justice had on several times resulted in conflicts. His stubborness and pride led to him fighting both duels and hordes of Plainsfolk, even though he possessed the skills of a master diplomat. These actions and traits were admired among his own kin, while the men of Sanctia had on occasion felt uneasy with the warrior building a "barbarian colony" in the region.

Randvar played a prominent part in the Dhazzir Harbringer War in 355 IV, even slaying the captain in the Battle of Twin-Hill. He stormed Stormwood keep a year later with his good friend Goarus, fighting the hordes of Dhazzir occupying it. He partook in locating and chasing away a Garagorian priest who was terrorizing Sanctia and sacrificing children. Tragedy hit when Randvar watched his Cladunr friend Goraus die at the top of the Darkchain Tower, impaled on the Dhazzir commander's sword. Randvar had promised Goraus to take his body back to his people, would he fall, and being a man of his word he set out on the endeavour. The tale is detailed in the Legend of Randvar and Goraus.

Randvar was early on after his arrival a counterweight to the Brunites in the region, who he considered alienating people with their outdated Third Age teachnings.

After five years of endeavours and adventures, Randvar had finally established strong enough alliances in the region to begin building what was to become Nyhavn. King Eirikur was pleased with the development and gave him the title of Jarl, with the right of ruling the colony and having a hird, which is a gathering of warriors in his service.

Love and Tragedy

In 359 IV, Randvar sided with Kathleen and took her under his wings. Revealed a Garagorian agent, she had renounced the dark faith, but was still under heavy suspicion by the Sanctian Brunite community. Randvar arranged Ulvhavian citizenship for her, and made her an official of Nyhavn - thus giving her protection from his realm. Friendship developed into love, and the two were married in 361 IV.

Tragedy struck on their weddingday. The settlement was attacked by an army of undead, led by the dead knight Lord Raze. King Eirikur, who attended the wedding, boldly stepped outside the gates and challenged Raze to a duel - which proved to be the first one the king was to lose. After killing the king, Lord Raze withdrew upon which a battle launched between the defenders of Nyhavn and the zombies, who were all finally destroyed.

Violent times spawned with King Eirikur's death, when the struggle for the Throne of Ulvhavn began. When the smoke cleared, the king's son Arngrim Eirkurson stood as victor. The victory had come with a price, due the fighting had taken a heavy toll on the state-treasury. Soon thereafter, King Arngeir withdrew his support from Nyhavn, leaving it in the hands of Randvar - now Lord of the settlement and aspiring nation.

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Eagle's Ruin

With the ever-watchful eye of a Haerinite, Randvar began suspecting an aspiring group of adventurers for ill deeds. It was when they began their climb to power through murdering Bull, the mercenary captain governing Trade Town, that they gained his attention. However, it was when additional murders of righteous people around the Old Land began taking place that Randvar decided to take action. The death of Paladin Vichiers and the Giardainite priest Ferguson were both important persons offering sanctuary in a dangerous region - now they were dead, and those quilty had to be stopped before more deaths occured. It was clear that the balance was shifting - in the favour of the group which he would soon learn to know as the Eagle's Ruin.

Without evidence he was unable to take action, but action was finally taken to him. An ambush in Talewood by the Eagle's Ruin with the aim of removing the threat of Nyhavn, led to the capture of his wife Kathleen, which brought forth the raging Northman. Bringing with him all the men he could muster, Randvar charged the gates of Shadowhold sided by a force of Sanctian knights with whom the Eagle's Ruin had ended up in war with. The defenders had, however, gained reinforcements in the form of Garagorain warriors from the Three Isles and the battle fell in their favour.

Randvar and his allies, among them Tyren Darkstar, were all captured and petrified by Kegal - soon to be shipped to the Three Isles to a certain death. That was when Cadman, commander of the Hill Folk, betrayed the Eagle's Ruin and turned the table. It made it possible for an agent to sneak into the captives, unpetfify them and escape through boat.

The Northman got his revenge though. As the Eagle's Ruin mustered their final forces in an attempt to rescue their leader, Josephine Babineux from execution, Randvar and his allies were the ones that hunted them down and killed two prominent members - Babineux and Montsho. The rest were scattered and the gathering was unrepairably shattered.

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The Old Land Concordat was signed on the 1st of Haerian 364 IV on the initiative of Randvar. It was signed by the leaders of three aspiring nations in the Old Lands; Cadman, Tyren Darkstar and Randvar Leikrson himself. This put an end of a long period of instability in the region. It was all about to change.

A Kanjite emissary arrived soon to Randvar and gave him two options: Let Kanjo expand freely into the territory claimed by him and reap the benefits of the trade it would result in, or face destruction and see Kanjo take what they want. Randvar chose neither, but rather made it clear that the any Kanjite soldier setting his foot in the Old Land would be considered a declaration of war. On the 10th of Giarda 364 IV the Kanjite launched an invasion attempt upon the Old Land, which led to Randvar abandoning Nyhavn and setting it ablaze, rather than have the Kanjite use it for their own needs. Bloody skirmishes followed, with Randvar and his men operating through guerilla tactics. Fearann soon joined in and the conflict escalated into a full-blown war.

Four and a half months later the war was finally over. The invading Kanjite forces were defeated on the 1st of Saindar 364 IV by the defenders of the Old Land, and driven back into the sea. The cost was high and Hillfolk suffered tremendous losses.

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Atalheim was founded in the aftermath of the Old Land Stand war in 364 IV by Randvar Leikrson and his wife Kathleen. They managed through trade, wise decissions and alligiances formed in the past to have the nation develop rapidly during the following decades. When Narghal expanded their territory into Fearann in 367 IV, with the Dhazzir claiming Teardrop, the Hillfolk decided to retreat south of Talewood under the leadership of Cadman. Randvar opened up the gates of Dagandal, letting them in and giving them food and shelter. It was a deed of generosity the Hillfolk would never forget.

The acorn of the success of Atalheim can be found in the fact that Randvar as a young man was able to gather a large number of allies around him, even though many of them bordered on what he found acceptable in terms of ethics and morale: Gerris, Kathleen, Goarus, and even Bahira (who had said that if it was not for Randvar she would have taken a much darker path). They all had different interests, different gods, but yet he managed to bring them together and keep them together.

Death of a Friend

Randvar and several others went on a mission to the Dhazzir seized town of Teardrop in 367 IV. The Dhazzir had managed to get the transporter to the Endless operational. Failing to stay undetected, the group was chased into the transporter, known as Hibbin's Elevator, which they used to reach safety in the Endless. Unable to return to the surface, the group realised that they found themselves in a strange, unknown land, lacking all means of safe return.

After encountering a strange, alien creature, Randvar's friend Gerris, whom he had known since his arrival to the Old Land 12 years earlier, polymorphed into a similar shape in order to communicate with it. They made an arrangement that would save the group friends at the cost of Gerris' own life. Needless to say, Randvar refused. Not until the creature paralyzed the Northman could Gerris proceed with his sacrifice: letting the creature dissolve his cranium and consume his brain. A teary eyed Randvar, still in paralyzed state, was soon thereafter pushed through a portal that lead to the surface, while the emptied body of the Half-Man remained in the darkness below.

Putting the well-being of his friends before his own, Gerris had through a final, grand gesture aided them once more, saving them from certain death.


After a period of tensions between King Randvar and Queen Kathleen, the queen decided to in 371 IV express her vision of her new Jarldom 'Queensmark' along the coastline a couple of hours north of Dagandal. The Jarldom was to have a stronghold, operate an army of its own, have an independent court and trading agreements. King Randvar declined this with the motivation of that he had spent his whole life trying to unify the region into one nation, and he was not going to let it be split up from within. It is said that the queen grew bitter as the years passed, which could explain the lack of further heirs to the Throne of Atalheim. Some say that Randvar was badly hurt by the Queen's visions, and that he never quite recovered from it.

Final Years and Death

Randvar spent his last years governing his rapidly growing nation and raising his daughter Frithr, who was the heir to the throne. He travelled with Queen Kathleen to his good old friend Cadman's 50th birthday feast in 390 IV, and it is said that they spent the evening laughing and talking about the old days. It was the last time they met.

King Randvar was killed in 391 IV during the War of the Northern Mark that was fought against an Urman invasion from Talewood. The king, aged 61 at the time, was slain by an Urman war chieftain and his high shaman. Upon King Randvar's death, Queen Kathleen passed on the throne to their daughter Frithr, aged 25 at the time. Queen Frithr was an able warrior and a natural leader.

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