Rasin Lightfeet

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882 III - 95 IV

(Character played by Jari Ikavalko during the NWN1 installement of WoC)

Protector of Hillyfield

Rasin Lightfeet
Rasin Lightfeet

Born and raised in Halflington, Rasin Lightfeet was one of the greatest of conjurers to walk the face of Charun during his own lifetime. He arrived in Elmwood Keep around 903 III, quickly forming close friendships which led him to stay there. Rasin’s greatest objective in life was to be honest and fair, which tormented him more than once. He would often find himself in situations where there was no right or wrong to be found, leading him to live with the quilt from having to choose the greater good before the lesser good. He travelled across the Western Lands, siding with the just and righteous, helping the oppressed and the weak.

Stuff of legends

The Halfling was one of the heroes that entered Waki-Ago, capital of Nar-Ago, successfully rescuing some of the inhabitants just when Mogaroth broke through its walls. These heroes are today known as the Saviours of the Nar-Agi. When that was asked about, Rasin usually shrugged and smiled, sharing a story about how half of the Mogaroth army chased him throughout the Waki-Ago sewer system. He had apparently been separated from his companions, and he said that it was mere luck that he found his way to the harbor and to the ship they finally escaped with.

Once he participated in rescuing Frago Farrowbar from the Three Isles prison dungeons, where he sat awaiting his death sentence. Rasin felt strongly about this, since he was convinced of that Frago hadn’t received a fair trial. What was supposed to be a rather peaceful rescue, with harmless hold-spells keeping the guards in place instead of violence, got quickly out of control. The rescuers ended up being trapped in the dungeons, with a large force of Isles soldiers holding the way up – and with reinforcements steadily arriving. Violence and bloodshed turned out to be the only alternative, and the group forced their way out, leaving dead bodies in their wake. As they boarded a ship and set out into the Central Sea, they noticed that they were pursued. Gather the Grey, the royal wizard of the Isles, along with two dozen soldiers sailed after them with ballistas aimed at their ship. Eothewar Eletheas, who was part of the rescue team, polymorphed into a red dragon and flew to the pursuers, engulfing their ship with the fiery breath of his shape. Rasin watched the ship and its crew sink to their watery grave. He knew that the soldiers were just doing their job, with most of them just trying to support their families. Druing the following months the temple of Brunir on the Isles received the single, largest donations up till this day, all to be forwarded to the widows and families of the soldiers that had been killed during the rescue of Frago Farrowbar. Rumours claim that it was Rasin Lightfeet that was the donator.

The Cataclysm

Rasin was a good friend of the Niematharin, and he sided with them in the battle known as the Niematharin Stand against Abbadon and his dark host. He managed to survive throughout the Cataclysm and finally settled down in what was to become the new Hillyfield. His presence there was one of the major reasons that the Halflings were able to rebuild the village without being massacred by the various bands of humanoids and bandits that scavenged on what was left after the Cataclysm. Those who tried to do harm to the would-be village quickly learned that an arch-mage dwelled there.

Rasin Lightfeet died out of old age in 95 IV

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