Reef Stream

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The Reef Stream is a warm and swift ocean current that originates from the south, following Randar's Reef northward, crossing the East Sea just before reaching Ormhand's Gap, and then following the northern coastline of the Northlands. It finally turns north after passing the shores of Hrafnirheim. The Reef Stream enables voyages south from the Northlands, since it prevents the northern coastal waters from freezing, which in turns creates a passage to the East Sea. This condition is used by the Hrafnir Marauders, which lets them plunder and pillage lands to the far south.

Sailing against the current from the northern shores is hard work. The right conditions with a great western wind has to be met, which still isn't enough and requires all to man the oars in order to reach the open waters of the East Sea. Sailing along the stream on the other hand is very swift and easy.

Northerners call the stream the "Ravens' Path" due to the large number of ravens flocking around it to take part of the fish taken by gulls. This has also led to the saying: "Let the ravens guide our way" among the Northerners.

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