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Resting represents a pause where your character sleeps, eats, mends broken equipment and takes care of certain class-related tasks. In real life such a break would last anywhere between 6 - 8 hours, which is something that isn't possible in a multiplayer game. The time span needs to therefore be role played.

Resting is important out of several reasons:

  • It is a good opportunity to take a breather and do some in-depth role playing. Many unforgettable moments and tales have been shared around the campfire.
  • It ends the day and gives your character back exhausted skills with X amount of uses/day.
  • It gives spellcasters a chance of regaining used spells.
  • It heals whatever Wounds your character has suffered during the day.

Game Mechanics

Resting in Charun can be done once every 8 ingame hours, which represents roughly 40 real life minutes. A few things need to taken care of before resting is possible:

1) Food: In order to rest you need a food ration on you. This represents one day's worth of food and water, which is removed from your inventory upon resting. It is possible to find food through the Survival skill. The DC varies greatly in between areas.

2) Suitable spot: Resting in the midst of a busy street, or out in the open in a goblin infested forest isn't always possible. A suitable spot has to be located:

  • Settlement: The majority of settlements do not allow resting in the middle of the street. The same can be said of shop owners and such who rarely fancy having a band of adventurers slumbering on their floor. In order to rest within settlements one needs to find an Inn, or in some cases a secluded enough location.
  • Wilderness: Caves, dungeons and wilderness areas of all sorts fall under this categoy. The one thing they have in common is that dangers may lurk nearby and resting in the wrong place can be fatal. Therefore one needs to find a safe enough spot to rest in, that is easily defended and from where you get a good overview of approaching dangers. When you enter such a spot, a private message will be displayed saying so.

3) Armour: All suits of armour cumbersome enough to hand out a movement penalty must be removed in order to rest comfortably.

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