Rihatel Erathain

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5918 II -

Father Firm

Rihatel Erathain
Rihatel Erathain

The Haerinite priest was a veteran knight and one of General Craithan's closest men in the Royal Army of Narghal. Some claim that it was Erathain that guided Craithan through some his hardest decissions, and helped him to develop the calculating coolness that he was known for.
That, in addition to the priest's uncompromising beliefs in law and order led to him being called "Father Firm" among the knights.

It is believed that when Ategenion Craithan was infected by vampirism by King Ardain Moloth, he made sure that Erathain would join him in the darkness. It is often debated among historians whether or not Haerian kept his blessing over Erathain, or if the priest was forced into finding a new patron - one that better suited his new state.

When the final, decisive battle of Narghal took place on the 16th of Gesanar 5976 II, Erathain was besides Craithan, keeping the general safe from harm.

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