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871 III - (?)

(Character played by A Swift Death during the NWN1 installement of WoC)

The Mage

Romil the Mage
Romil the Mage

Romil the Mage was a well known face in the adventuring community that thrived in Elmwood during the last decades of the Third Age. A prankster and a ladies man with boyishly good looks were his trade marks. He was also a skilled mage, a trait that was said to have been inherited from his Niematharin father - along with his well-chiseled features. Little did anyone suspect that his alligiances lay far beyond his tight, purple outfits and constant courting. Romil was a much darker soul than his demeanor revealed - a devotee of Garagor, the God of Evil, who would be a central figure in the very plot that put the Garagorians and Baron Stern in control of the Elmwood, which in the end spelt the nation's doom. If it was mere luck, or Romil's way with words, is left unsaid, but he was never accused, held responsible or even suspected for the intrigue he partook in.

The Church of Garagor rewarded their loyal disciple with a grand tower and a harem of concubines, all according to Romil's wishes. The tower was built in the northern outskirts of Elmwood, today known as the Sorcerer's Knolls. He then dissapered from the public eye, withdrawing into his tower. If he filled his days with wine and women, or spent it in arcane studies, is not known. The few visitors that were let in were given swift greetings and sent on their way.

The tower, that had become known as the "Sorcerer's Tower", was one of the structures that withstood the punishment sent by the Cataclysm upon Charun. It's doors had been magically sealed, as they have stayed ever since. What happened to Romil is not known. There hasn't been any signs of his existence since the end of the Third Age. His tower still stands in the Sorcerer's Knolls, a hilly area east of Talewood named after him. Both the hills and the tower are however avoided at all cost, due creatures not of this world dwell there, preying on the odd, unsuspecting mortal making the mistake of going there.

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