Royal Army of Kanjo

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The Kanjite Royal Army holds a staggering 70 000 soldiers divided into 70 divisions, which makes it the largest force upon Charun. The army is led by commanders from the Hatriya caste, who have since birth been indoctrinated for the task. The High Commander is in charge of the Royal Army, answering only to the queen herself.


Royal Guard

These warriors are prepared to die in an instant for the queen - a necessary requirement if one is to serve in the Royal Guard. They are at all times stationed in and around the royal palace, and thus not part of the organisation of the army.
Estimated number: 6000


These elite warriors are feared for their martial prowess. They wield massive two-handed sabres that are known to severe several heads with one sweeping strike.
Estimated number: 7000

Tiger Warriors

Devote Tridhaman worshippers, these warriors go into battle with vicious claws and a predatory ferocity. They are often used as scouts, due few are able to match their skills out in the wild.
Estimated number: 7000

Yao Assassins

In the war with Yao, the Kanjite quickly learned to fear their assassins who appeared when least expected, often during night. When Yao was defeated, the assassins were brought into the Royal Army where their lethal traditions have been carried on ever since.
Estimated number: Unknown


The Sepoy make out the core of the army. They are the regular infantry men divided into swordsmen and archers.
Estimated number: 49 000


High Commander
The High Commander operates the Royal Army of Kanjo.

The Royal Guard
The Royal Guard number 6000 soldiers who serve directly under the queen. They are at all times stationed in and around the royal palace.

70 Commanders
A commander is in charge of a division that consists out of 900 soldiers:

  • 2 Subedar units
  • 2 Tiger Warrior units
  • 10 Sepoy units

140 Subedar Units
Each unit holds 50 Subedar soldiers.

140 Tiger Warrior Units
Each unit holds 50 Tiger Warriors

700 Sepoy Units
Each unit holds:

  • 1 Sepoy officer
  • 50 Sepoy footsoldiers
  • 20 Sepoy archers

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