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High-Priest of Glurak
Saelac Waldhramm
Saelac Waldhramm

Saelac Waldhramm, or "Old Horror-Hood" as he is called on the streets, is one of the most feared individuals on the Three Isles. Nobody knows his age for certain, but some of the longer living races dwelling in the city claim that he is at least 120 years old. Those brave enough to speak ill of him also put him among the ten most insane persons on the Isles, and few tend to disagree with the allegation. The uncomfortable, and frightening part is that little of it shows on the surface. Waldhramm is silent, observing and with an extremely intimidating presence.

Saelac is believed to be born on Smoke Isle under poor conditions. How and when he came in contact with Glurak is unknown, but all seem to agree on that he joined the faith at an early age, rapidly advancing in both power and rank within the temple. He is today the greatest servant of Glurak on Charun, and it is said that he has even visited the deity in the Outer Planes on several occasions.

The few times Waldhramm leaves his temple, he walks alone dressed in the characteristic black robes of the faith, carrying a staff crowned with a large, shining red crystal that illuminates him in an malicious red light. Even the worst ruffians and haze-heads on Smoke Isle hurry inside, shutting windows and locking doors when Old Horror-Hood walks by.

The legends and tales surrounding Waldhramm on the Isles are countless. Every Islander has a story about someone who knew someone that heard of some poor person who was deprived of their sanity, or even worse by the high-priest.

There are several, famous statements made by Waldhramm over the years:

  • "True power begins where sanity ends."
  • "It is within absolute horror that man encounters true divinity."
  • "The thief who sets foot in our temple may escape with valuables, but he will leave his sanity behind, leading to us being the beneficiaries."
  • "One word from my lips will tear your world apart, send your mind into a spiral of torment and leave you barely breathing...ripped clean from everything that makes you human."
  • "I am hungry, but it is not flesh I feed on. Speak against me and I shall consume your consciousness, feast on your mind and spit the remains into the void for the demons to devour."
  • "Smoke Isle? It is a summer meadow with grazing sheep compared to the sites surrounding us high and low."

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