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The Wild One

The Wild One seeks neither the company of Gods nor mortals. He is believed to run with the beasts across the vast wilderness of his realm, only heeding the call of the defenders of nature.

Saindam is the uttermost defender of the wild. He can feel the suffering of each tree that has a branch broken and hear the pain filled cries from animals hurt or dying. Yet he understands the way of the wild, being a part of it. The death of one is another ones mean of survival. What he does not condone to is unprovoked and needless exploitation of the nature.




Nature (Wilderness, Forests, Wildlife, Defenders of Nature)

Status in the Fourth Age

Saindam's faith has been largerly untouched by the events surrounding the birth of the Fourth Age. Few of the New Powers that arrived at that time offer what the Wild One does to his followers. The Niematharin are still the largest group of devotees of Saindam, or Ethalias Thunitar as they call him. Many woodsmen and others dependant on the wild have also carried on hailing Saindam as their patron deity.


Paying homage to Saindam goes hand in hand with caring for the wild. The faith teaches that the soul of an animal, or that of a tree, is as valuable as a mortals soul. Treading with care and respect through forests and fields is thus seen as the utmost way of pleasing the Wild One, as is confronting those that cause harm to nature. It is also considered proper worship to say a prayer to Saindam when taking something from the wild, be it game, berries or firewood. The prayer is to thank the god for the supplies, as well as ask for his forgiveness and understanding for taking from his domain. Some even say a separate prayer meant to communicate with killed game, where they ask the animals soul forgiveness for having taken its life. The prayer is always ended with; "I swear upon Saindam that your death is not in vain. You shall feed and keep me strong so I can defend our realm against intruders"

The holy sites of Saindam consist out of shrines and groves. They hold ceremonies during the summer and winter solstices and spring and fall equinoxes (28th day of Destan, Brunat, Slanach and Gesanar respectively). These calm gatherings are spent mostly in silent prayer, sometimes accompanied by tranquil melodies.


The followers of Saindam are those that revere nature and the wildlife. The Niematharin regard him as their patron and creator. The wilder side of Saindam also attracts more feral worshippers, such as the Sunul and other untamed groups.

Associated Creatures

Stag, Bison / Fey, Dryad, Treeant


The priests of Saindam worship their God in groves located deep in the wild. They all dress in leaf green garments and fancy wooden weapons.


Major Domain: Saindam
Minor Domains: Tranquility, Untamed

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Leaf Green

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