Saliya Arsay

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873 III - 904 III

Hero of Teardrop

Saliya Arsay moments after killing the black dragon
Saliya Arsay moments after killing the black dragon

Salya Arsay was a a half-elven warrior from Teardrop, with an unknown Niematharin father. She was a familiar face among the adventures that gathered in masses within the nation of Elmwood in the end of the Third Age.

Saliya partook in revealing a Dhazzir plot for conquest, in the end striking the killing blow on a black dragon working together with the dark elves. This earned her the Mayor's office in the village of Teardrop in 904 III. Only two years later, in Giarda 906 III, she was found murdered in her home. The investigation led the officials to believe that the killer was searching for something, for all containers were left open and searched by the assassin. The killer was found and killed a month later by Lieutenant Hredson and his companions Elendil and Ellendel Creekbare. He was revealed when overheard discussing his deed with another man in an alley.

The motive behind mayor Saliya Arsay┬┤s murder was never revealed. She was buried in Teardrop village.

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