Sands of the Sand Snake

From World of Charun

Tribal Territory

Immediately south of the Windy Plains and east of Kadar lies the Sands of the Sand Snake. The barren and desolate landscape is covered in course sand that the sweltering winds viciously whip across the empty plains. A cheerless sun bakes the ground with unrelenting heat during the day. At night, when the sun has set, the temperature drops quickly to the point where you can see your breath. Further into the region, cliffs that have encroached from the Foggy Peaks rise out of the dunes. Several small types of desert vegetation grow in crevasses and other areas sheltered from the wind. Small lush oases are scattered among the cliffs.

When traveling the region there are even more dangers than just the climate to consider. In the lands that mesh with the Windy Plains, roam fierce feline predators called Sand Lions. Deeper within the Sands of the Sand Snake you are likely to come across gigantic insects, some venomous and others with strong jaws.

However, the greatest peril lies neither in the climate, nor in the wildlife, but in a fierce tribe of men who claim the region. The Sand Snake barbarians are dangerous when raiding away from their territory, and lethal when found within it. As the masters of camouflage they are seldom seen before they strike at the weak, unsuspecting victims.

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