Saurian New Powers

From World of Charun

Saurian religion dates to primordial times. It is mysterious, ancient and revere deities not found with other races. It is only in the Fourth Age, however, that Saurian worshippers have found their prayers to be answered.


Dzazzhakss-Al - the Patient Hunter

Dzazzhakss-Al emphasizes patience, strategy, and the hunt. Her worship is found throughout Saurian lands, and she is equally popular in Ghurzam as she is in the wilderness.

Kharidj-djhamun - the Atrocious Fang

Kharidj-djhamun stalks through layers of the abyss, preying upon the unwary with poison. Kharidj-djhamun's venom is said to be so potent that his bite and venom-dripping claws can destroy even demonic figures which would ordinarily laugh at such a threat.

Khilissashless - the Mighty of Mind

Khilissashless is an ancient Sauroidal being who dwells in a fortress on the ethereal plane.

Sala-zhur, He Who Remembers

Sala-zhur is a deity of knowledge, and what would be considered a fairly passive action amongst Humans, Mórail, and Urmen, for instance, is represented very differently by Sala-zhur, as positive act of either internal development or gruesome predation.

Slixka-ssala - the Rampager

Slixka-ssala teaches that the worlds are ruled by the strong because, when faced with any choice, the simplest and most brutal option is the one which provides the greatest success.

Thissit - the Clutch-Mother

Thissit teaches that there is no greater act a Saurian can perform than to engage in mating, the raising of the young, and the total, suicidally and sacrificially-berserk defense of anything which threatens them.

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