Saurian Politics

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Saurian politics are divided into three basic categories: clan, dominance, and coil. Because Saurians have very long lifespans (with adulthood beginning comparatively early, but senescence coming at nearly two hundred years), Saurian politics tend to be deeply-felt and slowly-changing, favoring arguments from historical precedent which plan for the long term. This tends to create stability at the cost of social innovation.

Clan: Saurians compete for leadership. Though these competitions are usually intellectual and charismatic, physical ability is a factor and dominance disputes can easily escalate to blows or bloodshed in the case of long-term resentments.

Dominance: Saurians do not appear to see anything unnatural or unwholesome about the process of jockeying for position and social dominance, and take it for granted that ambitious individuals will attempt to re-order things according to their own wishes. While Saurian society at large is generally insulated from inter-tribal rivalries because of the isolated nature of most Saurian settlements, clan rivalries can and do occur if there is a resource which cannot be shared equitably, or if a particular Saurian leader wishes to sway more than merely his (or her) neighbors.

Coil: Saurians have a long lifespan and are generally well-informed about events happening in the world. This means that they tend to form political and ideological opinions which can be even more powerful than those found in human societies -- particularly since the acceptance of dominance struggles means that outsiders are generally unruffled if two particular ideological factions "go to war" over a given issue. Generally speaking, a Saurian will be a member of one Coil or another, and sympathetic to others which may or may not support his or her fundamental ideas.

Coils which are well-known (to Saurians and their allies, at least):

'Coil of the Great Master:' Saurians dedicated to the service (and frequently veneration/worship) of the Great Sauroid, and the spread of Mogaroth's dominion across Charun. The majority of these are, obviously, Mogarothi, but its perspective tends to gain polite audiences elsewhere.

'Coil of the Solitary Nests:' This coil believes that Mogaroth has little or nothing to do with the welfare of the individual clans to which their adherents belong, and instead aims to either survive or even expand without Mogarothi interference.

'Coil of the Great Hatching:' This coil is primarily devoted to the raising of Saurian offspring. Among mammals this would tend to be female-dominated, but it is as popular, if not more so, amongst male Saurians, who relish opportunities to mate as much as the females do, but also are extremely active in raising (and thus influencing) their children. The Coil of the Great Hatching is generally well-regarded, as it is obvious to all Saurians that one of the reasons they suffered so greatly at the hands of their historical enemies is their relatively low populations.

'Coil of False Hatchlings:' This Coil is dedicated to the insinuation of Saurian sympathizers into human society. Motivations within this Coil vary wildly, with some perceiving themselves as benificent emissaries seeking to free the Humans from their ages-long manipulation and "mind-slavery" at the hands of the hated Mórail. Others seek only to subvert human societies where military force would be a non-starter.

'Coil of Sheltered Spears:' This Coil is dedicated to cementing Saurian leadership over the Urmen and Cavers as a counterweight to other forces. Typically, its members tend to be concerned about the humans, but deeply concerned about the Dhazzir. The Coil of Sheltered Spears tends to split markedly over the issue of Mogarothi dominance, and it is expected that over the next few centuries these internal divisions will gradually separate into separate Coils of their own.

'Coil of Pillared Caves:' This Coil is dedicated to rediscovering the Saurians' urban past. This rather unusual goal is pursued primarily by Saurians with an interest in the deserts and jungles of southern Charun. Its adherents are generally considered to be overly antiquarian and out of touch with reality, though all concede that matters would change somewhat were any of its members to make important discoveries which augmented Saurian power. Thus far, however, that doesn't appear to have happened. The Coil of Pillared Caves is regarded with open contempt by the Coil of the Great Master.

'Coil of Winged Masters:' This Coil recognizes the draconic Sauroids as leaders, occasionally even positing that they should be worshipped, venerated, and sacrificed to. While not all dragons (let alone all Sauroids) are friendly to Saurians, some are willing to take Saurian servants on in a relationship not entirely dissimilar to that of Human feudalism. In these cases the Saurians offer service and loyalty in exchange for protection and a small share in the dragon's renown and power. This Coil tends to be on horrible terms with the Coil of the Great Master, and often closely allied with the Coil of the Solitary Nests.

Other minor Coils are known to exist, but tend to be the obsessions and daydreams of individual Saurians, and unlike those listed above, have not demonstrated sufficient staying power to be recognized throughout the Saurian communities. A Saurian wishing to introduce a new Coil is politely listened to, but rarely followed for very long unless the individual demonstrates superior qualities of leadership or intellect.

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