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Desert People savage
Desert People savage



Savages are from uncivilised and primitive regions. Most are tribal warriors and hunters who are born into families, clans, tribes or hordes, where they are steeped into feral traditions and culture all their lives. They are powerful combatants, excelling particularly in hit-and-run raids, guerilla tactics and archery. They have quite an edge over other characters in woodland areas when it comes to survival and ambushes. Whether feuding with rival tribe, raiding neighbouring civilisations, or taking service as a mercenary, the savage rarely has a quiet life. Even surviving in their native enviroment can be an adventure itself.

Class Features

Hit Die: d8

Stamina: 3 + Constitution score at first level, 5 + Constitution modifier per following level.

Base Attack Bonus: High

Base Defense Bonus: High

Precision Damage Cap: 1 + 1 per level

High Saves: Fortitude and Reflex

Weapon Proficiencies: Simple and martial weapons

Armor Proficiencies: Light armor and Shields (but not Tower Shields).

Skill Points: 8 + Int modifier per level, x4 at first level.

Class Skills: Bluff, Craft Armor, Craft Trap, Craft Weapon, Hide, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Listen, Move Silently, Survival, Climb, Taunt and Tumble.

Feat Progression

Nature Sense (1), Tracking (1), Trackless Step (1), Uncanny Dodge (2), Woodland Stride (3), Wisdom AC Bonus (4), Evasion (6), Able Stalker (7), Swift tracker (9), Hide in Plain Sight, Conditional: Outdoor Natural Environment (10)


In order to play a Savage, your character must be a member of the Desert People.

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