Second Dark Crusade

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913 III

Abbadon surrounded by his devotees
Abbadon surrounded by his devotees

Abbadon the Destroyer unleashed the Cataclysm on the 13th of Randine 913 III, through inviting powerful arch-dukes of hell into the Mortal World - thus violating ancient divine laws. A catastrophy of before unseen scope was thus launched upon the world.

With Charun wounded and bleeding, he seized the opportunity and emerged to deliver the killing blow and claim mastery over all. His Second Dark Crusade began on the 15th of Randine with the launching of devastating attacks on the remnants of the Kingdom of Kurash, which swiftly overtook the region.

Simultaneously in Castle Stern, a smaller, but substantial host also loyal to Abbadon prepared to assault what remained of the settlements in their region in similar fashion. Their leader Baron Stern, a mighty priest of Garagor, was to see to it that all survivors were caught and killed, and the region claimed in the name of their lord. This would have spelled the end of the Narghali race of men who inhabited the region, left too weak and too few to properly defend themselves. Their salvation came in the form of a score of courageous heroes, known today as the Saviours of the Narghali. Infiltrating his stronghold, they managed to slay Baron Stern, as well as a significant part of his forces. This crippled them to the degree that they were left unable to execute their part of the Dark Crusade that was to conquer the region. More than half of the Saviours lost their lives in their endeavour but all have been hailed as heroes amongst the Narghali ever since.

Indifferent to the development in Castle Stern, Abbadon continued his crusade undaunted. He led his forces towards Halflington, reaching the capital on the 18th of Randine. In less than a hour, he had destroyed what was left in the wake of the quake and flooding, sending surviving halflings fleeing for their lives towards Castle Farrowbar to the east. They would have perished as well, were it not for the Niematharin emerging from the Green Glade to aid their allies. Thousands of elves, joined by two silver dragons and heroes of all races, charged the dark host at midday in a battle known as the Niematharin Stand.

Abbadon was finally slain in this battle, sacrificing himself in order to shatter the Truthbringer, which ended the Third Age.

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