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Shields are different from armour. They do, in fact, make it easier to evade blows by deflecting them, and therefore add to the Defense Class. They do not behave as armour, reducing damage dealt.

Carrying a heavy or a tower shield hampers one's movement. It obscures your full vision of where you're putting your feet, making you slow down a bit, as well as weighs you down somewhat.

SHIELD DC Bonus Armour Check Arcane Failure Movement
Light Shield +2 -1 5% 100%
Heavy Shield +3 -2 15% 95%
Tower Shield +4 -10 50% 85% Decreas. Attack -2

Ranged Defense

Defenders without a shield take a -1 penalty to their AC when defending against ranged attacks. A small shield negates the penalty, while a large shield turns it into a +1 bonus. The huge tower shield turns it into a +2 bonus.

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