Skullcrusher Territory

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Tribal Territory

The vast Skullcrusher Swamp
The vast Skullcrusher Swamp

The large marshlands found west of the Three Isles are known as the Skullcrusher Swamp. The name comes from one of the fiercest tribes of half orcs in Charun, who dwell there and in the forests north of the swamp, that together make up the Skullcrusher Territory. These barbarians make crossing the marshlands very dangerous, since they consider all outsiders trespassers and intruders that are to be killed. Finding your way through is another problem, since 90% of the area consists out of water, deep mud or otherwise non-solid ground.

The swamp also contains a rare breed of beetles, only found in marshlands. The swamp beetle is a lethal creature that preys on all warm-blooded creatures. Its huge mandibles are easily enough to cut a grown man in half.

The Skull Crusher Swamp is said to contain old burial sites and tombs as well. It is not known who the men were that gave their dead their final rest here, but the sites are estimated to be centuries old.

The Skullcrusher orcs have been very successful, and facing population pressures, have been moving into the Unor Hills. They have been successful at this, being every bit as formidable one-on-one as the Unor, and vastly more likely to cooperate. The anti-social habits for which the Unor are famous guarantee that they are usually outnumbered at least four-to-one when the Skullcrushers attack. Though outside visitors who can commend directly are rare, it's speculated that the Skullcrushers now control almost a third of the Unor Hills, as well as their regular swampland.

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