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Upon reaching sufficient level, your character may establish a stronghold. A stronghold is similar to a house in the aspect of it being the characters home, with a lockable door and furniture. The big difference is that a stronghold may be a mansion, a tower, a castle, a ship, a temple or a dungeon – the possibilities are almost limitless, as long as your character has the means of following through with the project. The stronghold may be filled with traps, enchantments, mazes, portals or a small army ready to defend you.


Location of a Stronghold

The stronghold can not be built at any given location. Remote wilderness areas are excellent choices, but a reputable hero in any given nation could naturally be given a patch of land within the realm. In the end this is a matter to be dealt with from case to case. The size of the stronghold and the contents of it will depend on the reputation and achievements of the character.

Benefits and Requirements

Having a stronghold enables you to have:


  • The stronghold's application must be approved of by the staff.
  • The character must have reached lvl 10 and had the lvl 10 Fate Point application approved.
  • The character must have the amount of coin to build it.

Applying for a Stronghold

A stronghold must contribute to the overall roleplay atmosphere of the server, since it will in the end require time from the builders as well as occupy some of the module's memory. In order to get a stronghold, an application must be sent in to the DM Drop Box through the forums. The application should contain:

  • The character's involvement in the world (up to that point).
  • An explanation to why the character should be considered reputable enough to own a stronghold and attract followers.
  • An account on how the stronhold's existence would benefit the roleplay on the server.
  • An account on how the character plans to finance it. Sikver gathered during adventures are counted into this, but the character may also have rather well-established contacts with nations, powerful NPCs and other organisations, such as temples and guilds that could offer a loan.
  • An simple financial plan for how the stronghold will earn silver to support itself, it's followers and pay back the fictional loan (if such was taken) that made the building possible. Silver made during adventures aren't counted towards the financial plan.

Assistent Character

Assistents go by many names, all depending on their lord. What they have in common is that they are always there, offering a helping hand - be it with washing clothes, cleaning armour or most importantly: taking care of the stronghold's storage.

The player with the stronghold owning PC is allowed to make a secondary character, who can be given a name, or just a title. This secondary PC, the "assistent", is to be jumped by a DM to the stronghold where he is to stay indefinetly. The assistent can then be used to storage items usually carried by the stronghold owning PC. Silver is not to be transfered though, since the character's silver is separate from the stronghold's treasury.

Other hirelings are detailed here: Hirelings

The assistent/mule PC is not allowed to be used for adventuring or bartering with other PCs! Doing so will be considering as breaking server rules.

Stronghold Level

Each stronghold will have a Level value, which is used when determining the maximum amount of followers the player character owning it can attract, regardless of his own level. Thus a when a character bypasses the stronghold in Lord Levels, the number of followers stagnate. The character's Charisma modfier is added to the Stronghold level.

Example: A simple, wooden mansion could have Stronghold Level 8, while a large castle with surrounding lands and a small village below it could have Stronghold Level 22.

More about Lord Levels: Followers


Building a stronghold costs silver - a lot of it. Building material, engineers, workers, transports...the list can be made long. The cost is approximately 10.000 x the Stronghold Level, but the price can be adjusted depending on the location and content.

Further Development

If the character plays his cards right as the lord of his stronghold, it could eventually grow - perhaps into a globally influential faction, or even into a nation of it's own if located in a patch of no-mans-land. It all depends on the level of involvement you as a player/PC wish to invest into the project.

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