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Founded at the beginning of the Second Age



Sun Glade lies in the West Sea, surrounded by a maze of sharp rocks and cliffs hidden beneath the surface of the sea. Only the Uluthar inhabiting the realm know the safe passages through them, and they keep it a well guarded secret. If that is the reason behind Sun Glade being the oldest surviving nation in Charun or not depends on whom you ask. The magnificent Mórail architecture once found across Charun, with towering spires that seem to touch the sky itself, blended with rivers, lakes, forests and gardens with exotic trees that no longer exist on the mainland, can still be witnessed there – if you are Mórail, that is, for no other races are allowed to enter the realm and they are forced to stay in the small harbour area known as the “Foreign Quarters”.

Over forty thousand Mórail live in Sun Glade. The nation consists out of nineteen provinces, each governed by one of the noble families that partake in the Council of Valour ruling the realm. The head of every noble family is known by the title of “prince”. The bloodline that determines nobility amongst the Ulutharin is that of the heroes of ancient times. In theory it is possible to advance to nobility today, but that would require grand heroic deeds from an individual.

The Council of Valour gathers once every three months, unless the situation demands else wise, in the coastal province of Alathun, where great palaces look over the sea and a large part of the Ulutharin fleet is assembled. Humans often refer to Alathun as the capital of Sun Glade. Prince Thuaeal Alathun, who is the head of the Alathun family, is by many considered as the most powerful of the Ulutharin nobles.

No real city or town exist on the island - instead beautiful buildings, towering spires and temples cover most of the area, blended with rivers, lakes, forests and gardens with exotic trees that no longer exist on the mainland. Even though Sun Glade can be seen as a class society, with aristocrats, clergies and wizards on one hand, and commoners and artisans on the other hand, it is not comparable to human communities. All trades of life are valued and gratitude is expressed across the classes. Thus a noble would rarely mistreat his gardener, see him as lesser in any way or even question his expertise. The creative skills of the gardener, for an example, are valued as highly as those of a wizard crafting magic items.

Common housing
Common housing


Sun Glade is fully self-sufficient. Their island is filled with fruit and herb gardens, fields and vineyards. Iron, copper and gold mines are found in their realm, as well as a large gem mine. The Uluthar do, however, trade with mankind – even if the scale is quite modest. It is believed that they do so mainly as a demonstration of their culture’s superiority. The most expensive luxury items found in Charun originate often from Sun Glade. Goods such as silk, fine wine, musical instruments, elaborate jewellery, honey, exotic fruits and berries are exported to the Three Isles, where they are either consumed by the nobility or bought by merchants who ship them further to off corners of the world. The Uluthar themselves rarely sail off Sun Glade to trade; instead human merchants visit them and trade in the area known as the Foreign Quarters. All merchants are piloted through the sharp underwater cliffs by Ulutharin ships, in such a manner that no one can succeed in making a mental map of the route.

Coastal mansions of Sun Glade
Coastal mansions of Sun Glade


Sun Glade has one of the mightiest armies in Charun, efficient in an offensive – and invincible when defending their realm. Those that have tested their defences have experienced a bitter defeat, often not even setting foot upon Ulutharin soil. They are known as the Sun Legion and number a total of 10.000 soldiers.

Their fleet is legendary, with fast, slender ships that are able to manoeuvre around enemy vessels with great ease. The feared Ulutharin wizards and war-machines are often found on their ships, as they are ashore, and they are capable of wreaking unmatched destruction. The wizards and war-machines do not only guard the shores towards the sea, but also the aerial space above the island. Quoting an old Ulutharin saying: “Woe the dragon that attempts to land on Sun Glade, he is due death before his clawed feet touch our green, pierced by ballistae and torn apart by magic!”

Ulutharin infantry is equally legendary for their courage and skill. It consists out of two groups, out of which the first one is the Sun Guard - an elite force of 4000 heavily armoured knights. It is said that ten ordinary human soldiers are needed to defeat a Sun Guard. The other, larger group are the Kin Guard - they are an auxiliary force consisting of regular soldiers, all equipped both with bows and swords. The discipline in combination with the skill of the Ulutharin soldier is probably what has made them prevail in battle after battle.

Some provinces have excelled in developing elite troops, famed for their skill and courage, such as the Ethaelian Archers, Lendian Halberdiers or the Swordbearers of Nilaithas.

Last but not least one must account for an important part of their defence, which is the maze of underwater rocks and cliffs surrounding the island that only the Uluthar know the passage through.

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The Uluthar use the Mórail Pantheon, with Estaithios the Trusted One as their patron deity. Great and powerful knights and priests are found amongst his worshippers, and the magnificent temples built in the God’s honour are said to be imposing enough to bring a first-time visitor into tears. Most gods from the Mórail Pantheon have small, beautiful shrines across the Island, and each one is said to have at least one great temple.


Mórail legends tell of their arrival to the continent of Charun, sent by the gods on ten thousand ships from the southwest. They settled down on the islands today known as Sun Glade, where the Uluthar remained. The other kinships all left their realm. Sun Glade has stood unharmed and unchallenged ever since, prospering and growing in power and wisdom.

Their strength has been tested throughout the ages, both by Kurashi pirates, the dark fleet and the dragons of Mogaroth and briefly even by the Three Isles. All have been forced to retreat before the seemingly invincible defenders.


Population: 45.000

Settlements and population: -

Army: The Sun Legion, 10.000 soldiers (4,000 Sun Guards, 5,000 Kin Guard auxiliaries, 500 Ethaelian Archers, 300 Lendian Halberdiers, 200 Swordbearers of Nilaithas, and an unknown number of battle-wizards)

Government form: Aristocracy

Current Ruler: The Council of Valour, with representatives from the different noble families.

Demographics: Mórail 100%

Heraldic Colours: Blue and Gold (yellow)

Natural Resources: gold, exotic fruits and berries, honey

Manufactured Goods: Magic items, silk, wine, music-instruments

Wealth: High

Allies: Green Glade, Moon Glade

Enemies: Mogaroth, Kurashi Pirates

Religion: Estaithos the Trusted One and the Mórail Pantheon

Climate: Mediterranean

Terrain: Coast, rivers, forests

Major Geographical Features

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