Sun Glade Provinces

From World of Charun

Sun Glade consists of nineteen provinces, each governed by one of the noble families that partake in the Council of Valour ruling the realm. The head of every noble family is known by the title of “prince”. The bloodline that determines nobility amongst the Uluthar is that of the heroes of ancient times. In theory it is possible to advance to nobility today, but that would require grand heroic deeds from an individual.

The noble family in charge of a province is responsible for governing it properly, ensuring that the region prospers, its inhabitants are provided for and a sufficient number of warriors are trained. These warriors are what make up the army of Sun Glade. Some provinces have excelled in developing elite troops, famed for their skill and courage, such as the Ethaelian Archers, Lendian Halberdiers or the Swordbearers of Nilaithas.

Aealan Shipyards
Eaetheas The Foreign Quarters, copper mines
Nilaithas The Swordbearers of Nilaithas
Elnethel Production of silk
Alathun Seat of the Council of Valor
Ethael The Ethaelian Archers, iron mines
Eothila Wineyards and production of wine
Leathunal Smithies, weapons and armour
Lendias The Lendian Halberdiers, gem mine
Awatha Shipyards
Eihon Gold mines and production of jewellery
Aelaith Honey and timber
Ehtawail Naval Academy
Athunwa Fruitfarms, berries
Eirini Quarries
Theas Arcane Academy, Wizards
Alwathus Production of musical instruments
Nitunal High Temple of Estaithos
Ehawain Magical Gardens of Ehawain


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