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5822 II - 912 III (?)

Founder and Emperor of Nar-Ago

An old Nar-Agi painting depicting Surijama clad for war
An old Nar-Agi painting depicting Surijama clad for war

Surijama is both a mythical figure and a historical character and opinions about him differ greatly. What is known for a fact is that he was the emperor of Ny-Ago, a nation located in the Eastern Lands, when they got drawn into the War of Supremacy against Kanjo in 5860 II. He was a brave leader, who fought on the frontline with his men against the foe, wielding a great hammer and clad in scale armour.

Ny-Ago eventually faced defeat and Surijama led his people out on the open sea, finally arriving at the shores of the Western Lands - a peerless achievement due it took them across the uncharted West Sea, an endeavour never accomplished before or after it. Surijama founded a new nation upon the shores they had arrived to in 5864 II, naming it Nar-Ago, and it quickly reached splendour under his guideance and the skill of the Nar-Agi people.

It is around this time that scholars begin debating what really took place. Surijama was 42 years of age when he founded Nar-Ago in 5864 II, and 92 years of age when the Second Age ended. There are no records of his death prior to that, or thereafter. It was then, in the very beginning of the Third Age that he was proclaimed a god by the Nar-Agi, and his faith became the state religion.

One group of scholars claim that Surijama died around the time that he was made a divinity. They base this on the fact that he made no public appearences from that time on, and on that no mortal could have ever risen to divinity - especially during the Third Age since the Cataclysm had not yet shook the foundations of faith. They claim that clever politicians upheld his presence, while in reality controlling the nation themselves.

The other group of scholars believe in that Surijama did infact avoid death and carry on living until his supposed death in 912 III, just as the official Nar-Agi records and history books claim. How he prolonged his life is left unsaid, and few want to point him out a god as the Nar-Agi lore claims.

If he did infact live through the Third Age, he definetly faced death at the age of 1004 when Mogarothi forces broke down the final defences of Waki-Ago, capital of Nar-Ago, and stormed the royal palace.

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