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What is swearing like in Charun? Our modern obsession with certain bodily functions and the desire to either have it done to others or to perhaps refer to someone in a way that they would do such to their own mothers is something a little foreign to the ears of a Charunite.

In many instances it is one's character that is questioned, along with one's parentage. Being called a "dog" doesn't only mean that you are a dog, but that your father was a dog as well, and your mother was a bitch. "Villain" or "scullion" toward a person with means is quite the insult, for they are being called the lowest of the low.

Exclamations usually involve gods and their bodyparts, be it their blood, toes or beard.

The two-fingered salute is a well known insult. It originates from archers taunting their enemies, proving they still have their two fingers in which to pull the string of a bow (the index and middle finger) given with the back of the hand outward.

Example: I'll kick you in the apples, you bloody cracker!

Example: *gives two fingers* You have a tail, you lousy bastard!

Swearing, Exclamations and Insults

Apples - Testicles. This term seems to have been around as long as men have had apples and balls have grown on trees.

Arse - Anal cleft and buttocks.

Apron Knight - A pimp.

Bastard - (Insult) This word means “illegitimate” (born out of wedlock).

Bitch - Meaning a female dog, used as an insult, particularly towards women.

Bloody - Used as an exclamation and expletive.

Box / Chest / Casket - The vagina. A cartoon from Narghal in the Second Age shows a Lady with a casket which has a very large lock on it. A crestfallen Knight stands next to her with a very small key.

Churl - (Insult) Commoner, peasant, used by those of higher class.

Cracker - (Insult) A boastful person. This originated in the Northlands. The verb “to crack” means to boast.

Dog - (Insult) Dog

Gadzooks - Used as an exclamation or expletive.

God’s Bones! - Used as an exclamation. Both the god and bodypart can be replaced to suit the situation.

Lance - Euphamism for Penis.

Lousy - (Insult) Full of louse

Lusty Guts - A promiscuous man

Mort - (Insult) A mort is a male/female prostitute, particularly a younger one.

Scullion - A servant employed to do menial tasks in a kitchen

Swine - (Insult) Swine

Tewel / Tuel - The anus

Tup - Sexual intercourse. This word originally referred to mating sheep and goats.

Villain - (Insult) An untrustworthy person

You have a tail - (Insult) It is a fasionable insult to say your enemy has a tail.

‘Zounds - A contraction of “God’s Wounds”. Used as an expletive or exclamation.

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