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Talegate is located in Kingwood (western parts of Talewood). Kingwood is outside of Sanctian borders, but more or less claimed by the realm. It is heavily patrolled by their forces, and nobles have their hunting grounds there. Even though named a gate, Talegate has neither walls or gates, except for a symbolic portal. It is located close to where the forest becomes known as Cloakwood, rather than Kingwood. It is common knowledge that the woodlands east of Talegate is lawless and dangerous territory -- for Sanctian nobles who hunt nearby, that's half the attraction.


Kingwood Tourney Field

The Kingwood Tourney Field is located at Talegate. It is a permanent site where the knights and nobles of Sanctia come to enjoy bouts and melee in between their hunting trips. A rare feature is the "Knights of the Field" who call the tourney grounds their home. Their number is never to exceed 8, and the queue of willing participants to step into their shoes is said to consist of hundreds of Sanctian knights, because these knights become famous throughout the realm.

The Sanctian king chooses the Knights of the Field. It is an important task, since their composition has to appeal to the nobles of the realm and offer excitement through variation in personality and fighting style. The Knights of the Field mainly face visiting knights wanting to prove themselves. However, melee against non-knights and foreigners is also a popular event among the nobles, where Sanctian might can be proven. That outsiders are prone to raid the area in a not-so-knightly manner only adds to the prestige of those who hold the Talegate.

The Kingwood Tourney Field also houses a number of merchants and others making a living from the visiting nobles and travellers along the King's Road. Few of these remain permanently, however.

Current Knights of the Field

  • The Red Ram is a veteran of countless duels, tourney bouts and wars. He is rightly a feared opponent, famous for his strength and courage. He is on very bad terms with the Knight of Skulls.
  • Sire Lombert is by far the most wealthy of the knights present. He is flamboyant and a favrourite with the ladies. Juicy rumours claim that Sire Lombert, the Charging Peacock, has an affair with his 15 year old squire, Minelle Guilliere, niece to Count Guilliere. The rumours are further reinforced by the fact that they share tent.
  • The Knight known as the Crouching Griffin is by far the most abjectly mediocre knight ever seen among the Knights of the Field. It is not widely understood why the King chose him to attend. He is neither especially young and handsome, not particularly well-connected at court. His only distinguishing characteristic appears to be that he is unusually pious -- as well he ought to be, given how regularly he is defeated by his peers.
  • It is known that the Golden Eagle had an affair with the Dragonesse, even though he is married with the daughter of a count. He is now banished to the tourney field by his wife, against his will. He hates the living conditions, compared to his castle.
  • The Green Pegasus is the poorest knight present. His family holds small lands and a small castle, and he is eagre and constantly prepared to prove his worth.
  • The Dragoness had an affair with the golden eagle, but it is rumoured that she now beds her squire. She is a fierce fighter, daughter to a count who refused to tread the traditional path of a noble woman.
  • The identity of the Knigtht of Skulls is unknown, and each man who has demanded to have it revealed have been challenged to combat, where the identity is on stake. The Knight of Skulls has never lost such a battle. The Red Ram was one of the challengers, and bad blood exists between the two ever since (Red Ram lost the fight, and still wears an ugly scar across his face from it). It is rumoured that his squire is infact his daugther, but since both are as taciturn and private, nothing has confirmed the rumours. Not even his nationality can be confirmed - or true knighthood. But as with his identity, no one dares to bring the topics up, since he will only demand a challenge. He is a devout follower of Bhaaru, keeping an altar with him in his tent. He brought it with him in a wagon when arriving. The authorities haven't been able to do anything about it, due the tourney ground is outside Sanctian borders, and his faith can't thus be prohibited.
  • Sire Todiel, the Butterfly Knight, is a shadow of his former self. Once he was a great champion on the tourney field, known for his agility and ability to avoid being hit. Now he's a slobbering drunk who hasn't partaken in a bout in years. His squire even left him a year ago. He manages to find new things to blame each time, from old "wounds" bothering him to sickness. He remains only due he enjoys the style of life where he's not burdened with any responsibilities.

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