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Image:Tamacami.jpg Rumored by the Bulidorn to be a remnant of Randar serendipitously imbued with a spark of life and sentience, Tamacami is a being of considerable power in the deserts she call her domain. Long considered a myth, she differs from the other "New Powers" in that she has actually resided in Charun for since the Second Age. A fickle power, she can grants boons or blessings to desert dwellers on a whim.



Desert winds, mirages, deception, trickery.


The Mortal World


According to Bulidorn legend, Tamacami isn’t a new power, nor even a true outsider at all. Her birth is allegedly tied into Cadumbu’s fall. The catastrophe that originally swallowed the region has long been attributed as the work of Randar, but it seems that his influence endures there even now. Scholars of Randarite Lore have long theorized that the lord of Chaos is constantly shedding and reforming himself, leaving small bits of chaos in his wake. These bits are thought to ordinarily fade away quickly, expending their energy in the form of brief but powerful storms and earthquakes. Sand Gnomes attest that Tamacami was one such fragment of Randar, one that somehow endured to develop it’s own being and personality. Exactly why or how she remained while others faded is unknown, but she seems to be imprinted to Cadumbu permanently, holding greatest power there


Tamacami is not widely worshiped, with the exception of the Bulidorn gnomes. There are no temples devoted to her, and those wishing to pay homage to her tend to do so by deeds rather than words. Common thought is that the highest form of praise towards Tamacami is the execution of a unique prank or trick on another.


Followers of Tamacami, like the Bulidorn, are lovers of mischief, deception, and trickery. They tend to be lighthearted and capricious, equally capable of levity or cruelty as the situation requires. Her followers are consummate pranksters and jokers, and are most common in regions in or near deserts where her influence is greatest.


Tamacami has no known physical manifestation, interacting solely with her followers and disciples through a feminine voice carried upon the winds. Many of her devoted followers venture into the desert in order to commune with her, as that as where she speaks the loudest.


Sorcerer-priests devoted to Tamacami are found most commonly among the Sand Gnomes. Tricksters of the highest order, they often favor illusions and have no compunctions against using their powers to fool others. Tamacami is said to grant powers only to those she expects will turn them into the most entertaining spectacles for her to watch.

Sorcerers of Tamacami have perpetually windswept hair and clothing. This is said to be her mark, signifying that she is always nearby, eavesdropping upon her disciples.

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A desert whirlwind.


Blue, Tan

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