Tear Lake

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Tear Lake
Tear Lake

This great lake once harbored the village of Teardrop along its northeastern shore. It was destroyed in the Cataclysm, leaving merely crumbled stonework that once marked a few of the village's structures and the headstones in its cemetary. Amidst that wreckage, survivors who migrated to the Wild Hills later erected a monument to honor both Giardain and those unfortunates who perished along with the town.

The lake itself is vast, wide enough that someone at ground level cannot see from shore to shore. it is famed for the clarity of it's water; legends claim the lake is so clear because it was formed from Giardain's tears as he longed for Airi. Accordingly the lake has ever been considered a sacred site by Giardainites. As if to lend credence to these myths, the lake seems blessed with incredible fertility. It supports an astounding collection of wildlife, both within its waters an upon it's shores. Hillfolk hunters and fishers often travel to the lake to take advantage of the bountiful food supply, easy hunting hindered only by the presence of Goblins in the area.

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Monument to the Sun Lord

Following the destruction of Teardop's temple to Giardain, this monument was erected to continue honoring His presence in the area. The shrine consists of a large stone block, painted on one face with the Sun Lord's symbol (a sun set against an azure sky), as well as an inscription.

"In honor to Giardain in this most holiest of places, and in memory to those whose final resting place it is."

A second stone is dug in beside it, graven with the names of those who were lost when Teardrop fell.

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