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Tengar Charge
Tengar Charge

The great steppe covering the northern part of the Eastern Lands is known as Tengria, named after the horse-riding inhabitants claiming it. The Tengar are the undefeated lords of the steppe. They live by animal husbandry, migrating to look for pasturage as the seasons and climate changes.

Tengria consist of vast plains without trees, covered with drought-adapted shrubs and grass. The climate is too dry to support a forest, but not dry enough to be a desert. The exceptions are found along the Yeke River and the coast, where trees grow in plenty. This is also where the most varied animal life is seen. Further south it gets drier, and upon reaching the foothills of the Shield Mountains, the grassland turns to a semi-desert. Travelling on foot across Tengria is said to be for fools or those with a death-wish. The truth is that it is not possible to cross the region even on horseback, unless all the water sources along the way are known.

The Tengar are said not to be hostile to visitors they deem as peaceful. There are, however, other hazards present in Tengria. The region is subject to occasional harsh climatic conditions that are deadly for the unprepared. Days get warm, especially in the afternoon, but the nights are extremely cold. The ground can at times become so frozen overnight that animals cannot graze and water cannot be easily extracted until the following mid-day. Although Tengria has low precipitation, occasionally freak and extreme snowfalls brought with the northwind can cause the Tengar herd animals to drown in the snow. Other hazards appearing once or twice a year are the extreme dust storms that can easily kill the unprotected.

The steppe and the surrounding regions sustain many animals, including black-tailed foxes, wolves and the tengri deer, and are occasionally visited by snow leopards descending from the Shield Mountains. The lynx and brown bear are quite common in the woodlands found along Yeke River.

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