The Creation of Ethear and Aloa

From World of Charun

Many years ago Charun was plunged into darkness. All life the Gods had created was doing poorly; the flora would not flourish and the fauna could not prosper; all was wrapped in a glaze of cold and despair. Giardain, the Lifegiver, was distraught at what he seen and he approached his father, Brunir the Overlord.

"Why must our creations linger in such a bleak land? They deserve to be warm and to grow. Allow me to pour my being into a creation that will do this, a Sun to light the paths of the mortals and to let the lands thrive."

Brunir responded with a nod:

"Do so, my son. Let the world bask in the warmth of your spirit."

Giardain went to the task wasting no time. He stood tall on the highest mountain in Charun and reached with his right hand into the sky from where he grasped a star from the heavens. Next he clutched a handful of earth from Charuns core with his left hand and combined them together, molding the new mass into a small globe. Finally Giardain breathed warmth and life into his creation, giving birth to Ethear, the sun of Charun. As Ethear began glowing vibrantly with warm reds, oranges and yellows, the Lifegiver cast the globe high above the mortal world, where it creation began orbitting Charun. Ethear was praised by Giardains fellow immortals – Thilias however, was not impressed. As the Gods marveled at the beauty of what the Lifegiver had created, the Master Crafter stood apart in a shroud of jealousy.

Thilias took it upon himself to challenge the beauty and magnificence of Giardains creation. He traveled into the darkness of space and found the most brilliant of lights. The Master Crafter pulled the star to Charun and threw it into his forge. With diamonds, emeralds and sapphires of immaculate quality, he began to work on his creation in the depths of the Mountain of Glory.

Hundreds of years had passed when Thilias revealed his creation; Aloa, a new sun that burned with a brilliant white and glimmered with gold, emerald and azure rays. He threw it high above the world, right besides Giardains sun where all the Gods saw the radiance and flawlessness of what the Master Crafter had forged. It was even brighter and more brilliant than Ethear.

Giardain was thrown into melancholy at the presentation of Aloa. His grief did not go unnoticed, Airi watched from a distance, shaking her head at the pain Giardain was suffering.

The Frostmaiden approached Giardain and began lecturing him with a startling and cold voice:

“Learn to endure these trials Lifegiver, no pity will be gained through weeping over the trivial matters. Cast your grief away, the world is unchanged.”
“Frostmaiden, you do not understand. You are left in cold and the solitude of the North, which you are content to dwell in. I, however, have a world to roam and much life to show its first light. How am I to be the Lord of Light, the Sun God, if another shines brighter and more brilliant than mine? How am I to lead praise if my one creation, which my entire being was poured into, is outdone by a tool made by a hand driven by jealousy?”

Airi contemplated Giardain’s words a moment before responding:

“Then I shall endure the greatest of pains for you, my love.”

With that, the Frostmaiden approached Thilias’s Sun, which burned with the heat of a thousand hells. She looked deep into its core and reached in, giving it a freezing kiss. The fires that burned so brightly were instantly extinguished. As the calamity faded and the shroud cleared, a thick sheet of ice was seen shimmering over the now crystalline sun.

Giardains heart lifted as his eyes gazed on what Airi had done for him. Aloa was not destroyed, but made more glorious. It sparkled beautifully, accenting the diamonds, sapphires and emeralds that had frozen into its core. Giardain was overjoyed that his sun would be source of warmth for the world and that Thilias’s creation was not destroyed,.

The Master Crafter was, however, angered by the travesty of Airi. Burning with fury, he swung his great hammer at his own creation attempting to destroy it. Such was the force of his blow that not even the Mountain of Glory would have withstod it. However, all the work Thilias had poured into his creation had made it indestructible and instead of being shattered, it was sent circling around Charun opposite of the sun, destined to rule the sky at night.

This is why it is believed that Thilias rejoices every time a solar eclipse occurs, which is when his creation obscures Charuns view of Giardians sun.

When the elves were given birth, they learned the names of Ethear and Aloa, as well as the tale behind their births. As the milleniums passed, their names were shortened to Ethe and Alo among elves. However, the ancient names are still used by other races to describe the two lights in the sky.

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