The Northern Foray

From World of Charun

Whether or not it affected the outcome of the Old Land Stand war can be debated, but what is for certain is that the feat carried through by these two Northern warriors is more than admirable, and proof of the unyielding determination that harboured within them.


The Foray Begins - 5 AM

It was 5 in the morning on the 28th of Saindar 364 IV. A host of warriors stood on the road leading to Larmenius, with over a hundred Kanjite bodies littering the ground around them. The entire day had been spent in preparations and heavy fighting.

The war known as the Old Land Stand was in a critical point and the following decissions could make or break the outcome for the defending forces. The invading Royal Army of Kanjo stood without supplies after a successful sabotage mission, and the corpses before them along with a number of burning wagons were all that remained of a Kanjite attempt to replace the destroyed food. The generals of the resistance, Randvar Leikrson and Cadman son of Brian, were discussing their next move with the dozen or so adventurers that had volunteered to fight the Kanjite. The problem was a Kanjite runner that had been sent north towards Teardrop where the main force was located. Word would probably have by now reached their commanders of the unlikeliness that supplies would arrive - which would without doubt spawn an immediate action where the Kanjite would try and get hold of food for their troops.

The 120 veteran hillmen accompanying Cadman, along with Randvar Leikrson and their allies would be needed in the fighting that was about to erupt. The problem was that the Kanjite army had a lead and they were probably on the move already, while the defending forces were exhausted after a full day of fighting. A 10 hour forced march to Trade Town would render them useless against the massive force that outnumbered them by 10 to 1. Yet word had to reach Trade Town.

This is when Sigmundr Hjorverson, a Northman warrior and Mstislav of the Nurun, stepped forth. They volunteered to take the message to Trade Town. Unequipping their armour in order to be able to run faster, they began the run through the mud and the rain of the Old Land.

Arrival in Trade Town - 12 PM

After outrunning brigands and fighting their way through wild animals, they reached Trade Town 7 hours later. A feat in itself considering that an ordinary forced march takes a man 10 hours and the northern pair did it after a full day of fighting. Upon delivering Cadman's orders to the guards they were informed of that the signal-fires at Coigreach Gleann had been lit. The Kanjite army had arrived there and the small force of 80 hillmen were ordered to delay the foe for as long as possible at the crossing at River Oir. Sigmundr and Mstislav did not delay. Knowing the impossible task at hand for the hillmen at the crossing, they began running towards Coigreach Gleann - a journey that takes a rested man 3 hours. The northern pair ran the distance in 2 hours.

Battle at River Oir - 2 PM

Upon arriving to the crossing, Sigismundr and Mstislav saw the the battle was more or less lost. The 80 hillmen had managed to hold back the Kanjite for more than 2 hours thanks to the narrow crossing that could only hold three men shoulder to shoulder, and due to the fact that the hundreds of Kanjite archers were unable to fire their arrows across the river due to it's width.

Without hesitation they jumped into the knee-deep water, engaging the desperately hungry Kanjite soldiers. Soon Sigismundr was dealt a vicious blow that sent him into the river, but luckily he was washed to shore by the current, rather than facing death in the cold waters. Mstislav saw the hillmen turn and retreat, as the Kanjite pushed forth even more vigorously, leaving him no choice but to flee as well. He ran for three hours with the retreating hillmen towards Trade Town, unknowing of that Sigismundr had survived and was keeping even steps with him just on the other side of the hill.

Battle at Trade Town - 6 PM

The northern pair met again in Trade Town, both well aware of that there were no time to rest. The Kanjite were merely an hour behind them and the orders from Cadman had been to destroy all supplies in town so that the invaders couldn't get hold of them. The following hour was franticly spent in locating and burning food, and sending people away with poultry and animals that could feed the foe.

Soon the massive host holding over 1200 soldiers appeared and began surrounding the little, pallisade-protected village. Things looked grim and the northern pair could not but grin. The Kanjite attack washed over Trade Town like a flood, killing everything in it's way. With hillmen dying around them, the northern pair fought for their lives against the never-ending tide of foes, trying to reach the old well that provided a passage to caverns below. Luck was by their side, as they managed to seek sanctuary in it - both seriously injured from the fighting.

The northern pair had one hour during which they were able to fill their throats with water and tend to their wounds, and those of the 32 hillmen that had escaped death with them in the well. During this hour the Kanjite deseprately searched for food in the village and torched it in fury for not finding any. Soon the hungry and tired host moved southward - and so did the northern pair. They quickly moved around and past them, determined to warn their brothers-in-arms journeying north.

Battle at Blood Valley - 8 PM

Sigismundr, Mstislav and 32 hillmen reached the main force of the Old Land defenders one hour later. However, it was not over yet.

The defenders decided to face the oncoming foe, even though they were nearly outnumbered 10 to 1. Sigismundr and Mstislav did not hesitate when the frontline was arranged. 5 hours later, the Old Land defenders were forced to retreat, leaving a staggering 600 Kanjite corpses in their wake.

Rest - 3 AM

The northern pair finally got to rest in the morning of the 1st of Saindar. It is said that both had to cut their boots off, due their feet were too swollen to pull them off. They had by then been awake for nearly 48 hours out of which they had spent more than 12 hours running and nearly 10 hours fighting in four separate large battles. This feat of epic measures is known throughout the Old Land as the Northern Foray.

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