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In times of war each able man and woman in A' Soar count as warriors. This host of warriors is known as the 'Sluagh', which is synonymous for both 'the people' and 'the host'. The Sluagh is organised according to old Hillfolk traditions, dating back to the first century of the Fourth Age.

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Preparing for Battle
Preparing for Battle

In times of war the clans gather into what is known as a Sluagh - a massive host of men and women prepared to defend their nation. The Comhairle, which is the ruling council of elders, then chooses a heroic champion known as a 'Ceannard' to lead the Sluagh as it's general. The Ceannard is usually a heroic chapion who has proven his worth in battle, both when it comes to strategy and strength. Each Triath then commands the warriors of his clan according to the Ceannard's plans. However, the Triath seldom leads them to war in person due they tend to be elderly. Instead the Tritath usually appoints the most suitable champion, or 'Laoch' from his clan to lead them in battle.

When there is no need to rally the Sluagh, each clan usually fights under their Triath, or a Laoch, defending their territory against roaming monsters, brigands and other perils. The Marasgal can request for a 'Géard' from the Triaths, would there be need for a force of warriors representing the nation, such a guards during an official visit to a neighbouring nation or similar.


Council of consisting of Hillfolk Triaths. They take all the important decissions, both during peace and war. The Comhairle consists out of 11 members, one elder fron each clan.

A respected person chosen from among the Triaths to represent the Comhairle.

Hillfolk elder or chieftain who has been chosen to represent his clan.

Commander of the Sluagh. He is either chosen from among the Triaths or the Laochs. The Ceannard is the general of the host, but he still answers to the Comhairle.

A heroic champion who is usually chosen to take the place of his Triath and lead the clan into war. He can at times be chosen by the Comhairle to become the Ceannard of the Sluagh as well. Laochs can emerge without the support of their clan, through heroic individual deeds that gain them the title through reputation.

There are 11 clans in A' Soar who usually fight by themselves under the leadership of their Triath or a Laoch, defending their territory against invading goblins, brigands and such. Would a situation arise where all the Hill Folk forces need to rally, they will join the Sluagh with their leader, and end up under the Ceannard's command.

A force consisting of one or two warriors sent from the clans to serve under the Marasgal during a period of time when there is no immeadiate need to assemble the Sluagh.

Roughly two thirds of the population can arm themselves, resulting in a force of more than 30.000 warriors.

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