The Spawn

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“Place the dried fish at the altar, have it burn, say yer prayer and hope that the Spawn hears ye.” - Words of a sailor.

The Spawn
The Spawn

The Spawn is the greatest of the "Spawn of Randar," terrible watery beings which are a threat to all sea traffic. Sailors who fail to beg the Spawn's mercy thus take upon themselves terrible danger.



Death at sea, the sea, voyages


The depths of the oceans.


Mortals of the past always feared Randar, the God of Chaos, for his capriciousness and many sailors used pray to him before they left harbour, regardless of what faith they actually belonged to. It was best not to anger the Lord of Havoc. It was believed that Randar used to call forth a sea creaure of colossal size to drag down a ship to its watery grave. Few survived to tell the tale of such an encounter, and those who did usually chose their words with extreme care - due one who experienced the wrath of Randar would go to any lengths to avoid it from happening again.

As faith in the Old Gods dwindled among humans, only to more or less vanish, the fear of the Spawn remained. The colossal creature is believed to dwell in the oceans of the world, still fullfilling its purpose of dragging down ships. Sailors of today say their prayers to the Spawn instead of to Randar, hoping that it will leave their ships alone.


Most harbours across the world have shrines dedicated to the Spawn, and it is customary to send one of the crew to say a prayer and leave an offering in the shape of dried fish that is burned as incense. It is believed that the smoke and scent will gain the attention of the Spawn and have it hear the prayers.


Few people have the Spawn as their chosen deity, and there's no religious institution dedicated to it. Praying to the Spawn is considered more so a "necessity".


Contrary to most faiths, where encountering a deity is considered an unique blessing, meeting the Spawn is disastrous and associated with certain death.


The Spawn has no priests.


One or several tentacles.



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