Third Age

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The Age of Men

Mubuluk: During the 3rd Age, Human Cities reached Majestic Proportions.
Mubuluk: During the 3rd Age, Human Cities reached Majestic Proportions.

Time Period: 913 years

The Age of Men bore several similarities to the race it is named after. It lasted merely nine centuries, a short lifespan mirroring that of mankind, filled with the ambition, desire and short-term planning that are found with humans. The Third Age saw a greater number of nations rise and fall, as well as more wars than in the Second Age, even though the latter lasted nearly seven times longer.

Easily allured and blinded by greed, humans finally invited their own end, as they had done many times before. The ancient law upheld by the Gods themselves was broken due to temporary rewards offered to man, resulting in the Cataclysm that destroyed much of the marvel accomplished during the Third Age. Thus ended the Age of Men, with the violence and despair it had been given birth to and that it had lived by.


0 - The Third Age begins: Humans gain rule over the former Niematharin territory.

4 - Founding of Arinthia: General Jzoar founds the nation of Arinthia - More about this event

98 - Founding of Kunbawa: Chief Kunba founds the nation of Kunbawa.

103 - Founding of Mubuluk: Chief Mubu founds the nation of Mubuluk.

112 - Founding of Elmwood The nation of Elmwood is founded. More about this event

125 - Capital of Elmwood built: Elmwood Keep with the walls and castle is completed.

204 - Urmen gather and attack Irinthar: A large number of Urman clans of the Snowy Peaks gather and began attacking Irintharin settlements across the region, successfully destroying them one after one. Refugees either seek shelter in Thunder Hall, or flee into a wild existence in the foothills, later becoming the Sunul.

251 - Founding of Stormwood: The nation of Stormwood is founded in an attempt to re-create the Kingdom of Narghal, with its knighthood and virtues - More about this event

302 - Founding of the Kingdom of Kurash - More about this event

318 - Founder of the Kingdom of Kurash slain: King Shadûk of Kurash is killed by an Urman raiding party.

436 - First Chancellor of Elmwood: Seimus Barrelbinder is elected as the first Chancellor of Elmwood.

581 - The Border War: The Kingdom of Kurash tries to invade southern Elmwood. The army of Elmwood meet the invaders in Borderwood, forcing them to retreat - More about this event

582 - The Border War ends: A peace treaty is signed between the Kingdom of Kurash and Elmwood.

601 - Irinthar discover dragons: Two adult dragons are discovered by the Irinthar in the Snowy Peaks. They are believed to be spawns of Zhazhrurat, the ancient dragon lairing in the Stormy Cliffs. The Irinthar manage to slay one of them, but the other dragon escapes into the air. The Irinthar fail to locate it.

633 - The Great Dhazzir War: A huge army led by a Dhazzir priestess invades the northern lands of Elmwood - More about this event

634 - Final battle of The Great Dhazzir War. It takes place at the shores of Lake Teardrop. Knights from Stromwood Keep arrive at the last moment to help, turning defeat to victory.

636 - Founding of Teardrop village: A temple and a settlement is built at the site of the final battle of The Great Dhazzir War.

639 - The Trail of Gold is built: Irinthar engineers from Thunder Hall build the Trail of Gold. It leads from Elmwood to the City of the Three Isles, from where it continues to their kingdom in the Snowy Peaks - More about this event

640 - Dragon slain in Wyrmwood: An ancient dragon claiming the western parts of the Niematharin kingdom of Green Glade, known as Wyrmwood, is slain by the Mórail.

645 - Meteor Strike: A huge fiery rock falls from the sky leaving a big pit. The Big Pit Crossroad is built - More about this event

682 - The forest of Urwood gets its name: A huge army of Urmen destroy the Elmwood stronghold of Stonetower. The forest where the attack took place is renamed to ´Urwood`.

683 - Elmwood tries to reclaim Urwood: An attempt to re-build the stronghold of Stonetower is made, but it is abandoned due to the massive amounts of orcs still roaming the site.

725 - Mine in Elmwood shut down: The mine of Elmwood is attacked by Urmen and Cavers. The Chancellor of Elmwood decides to abandon the mine and barricade the exit.

739 - Pirates grow in number: The number of pirates from Kurash grows rapidly due to a year of crop failure. Many commoners join their ranks inorder to provide for their families.

743 - Cyrpt of Elmwood closed: The crypt of Elmwood is taken out of use due to rumours of walking dead. All dead are buried above ground from hereby on.

748 - Kingdom of Kurash gets a new ruler: King Mûduk of Kurash is killed by his brother Kûduk, who claims the throne.

749 - Urman fortress discovered: A Half-Man bard stumbles across an Urman fortress, built deep beneath the earth near Tear Lake. Armed Forces of Elmwood attempt to destroy it, but the Urmen prove to be too many and their tunnels too deep. A stalemate is reached and the Armed Forces collapse the entrance to prevent the Urmen from exiting.

753 - Dragon in Stormy Cliffs: Sightings of a dragon are reported by rangers dwelling in the foothills of the Snowy Peaks, north of Stormy Cliffs.

779 - New king on the Three Isles: Arngrim II, the King of the Three Isles dies out of old age. His son Thargrim III becomes King.

785 - The Farmer Uprising: Farmers of Elmwood storm Elmwood Keep, demanding the resignation of the current Chancellor due to his incapability to solve the problems with Saurian raiding parties from the Stinky Swamp and the Feral Fens. No one is killed during the incident. Chancellor Aidan resigns in the end of the year.

786 - New Chancellor in Elmwood: William Killian is elected as the new Chancellor in Elmwood for the 5 year term. William is a native of Elmwood, born and raised in the village of Teardrop.

788 -
Dhazzir attacks on merchants: The Dhazzir surface in the southern Snowy Peaks and launch attacks on merchants travelling between the Three Isles and the Kingdom of Thunder Hall. King Thargrim III of the Isles sends his army to take control of the situation. The Dhazzir are driven back.
Fire Giants attacks the Three Isles: A dozen Fire Giants emerge from the volcano north of the realm, attacking the farmlands and the walls of the city itself. The area suffering the devastation left behind their rampage is given the name "Scorch Fields" - More about this event

Garagorians attempt to conquer Elmwood Keep: The threat is defeated in a battle known as the Dance with the Devils - More about his event.
Fire Giant war reaches stalemate: In the city of the Three Isles the battle against the Fire Giants attacking from the north reaches a stalemate. The area north of the walls of Smoke Isle remains in the giants control - More about this event
New temple in Elmwood Keep: A temple of Slaine is built in Elmwood Keep

Abbadon launches his First Crusade: Abbadon the Destroyer, said to be the son of the god Garagor, begins his first crusade across Charun - More about this event
Lizard problem in Elmwood Sewer: Elmwood officials Barricade the entrance to the lower levels of the keep sewers, hoping to control the massive amount of various reptiles coming through there.
Guardian slain: Nu´umkss the large killer-lizard from the Southern Reaches that had been guarding the docks of Neverhope Prison Island for over 50 years was found dead. The killers were never found.
Planar gates discovered: Several secret gates and portals leading to the otherworldy planes are found by adventurers across Charun.

792 -
Abbadon defeated: Abbadon the Destroyer is finally slain and the Kingdom of Kurash reclaimed by its people. King Kûduk dies in the liberation battle - More about this event
Faith of Garagor outlawed: The Church of Garagor is banned in the Kingdom of Kurash and Elmwood. The temple located at the Three Isles deny all participation and is allowed to carry on its services.

793 - New king in the Kingdom of Kurash: Fadûk, the 5 year old son of the slain King Kûduk, becomes the new King of Kurash.

794 - Trade agreement between Kunbawa and Elmwood: The realm of Kunbawa sends an emissary to Elmwood Keep to discuss a trade agreement. A treaty is signed and ships begin sailing between Elmwood Keep and Tambalah, capital of Kunbawa.

797 - Chancellor re-elected in Elmwood: Chancellor William Killian of Elmwood is re-elected for another 5-year term.

802 - Chancellor re-elected in Elmwood: The 79-year old Chancellor of Elmwood, William Killian, is re-elected for yet a 5-year term. He informs the citizens that it will be his last term in office.

805 - New Chancellor in Elmwood: William Killian, Chancellor of Elmwood, dies out of old age. Arland Bram is elected as the new chancellor later the same year.

807 - The Urwars: The Urmen of Urwood muster their forces and launch a series of attacks upon Elmwood - More about this event

810 - New Chancellor in Elmwood: Arland Bram has to step down from office as Gwen Cullen is elected as the first woman to be the Chancellor of Elmwood.

830 - New king on the Three Isles: King Thargrim III of the Three Isles dies at the age of 76 after suffering from incurable chronic pneumonia for a long period of time. His son Rungrim IV becomes King of the Three Isles.

832 - Undead attack Green Glade: The undead of the Forest of Shadows, led by the Vampire Count Zelkheir, launch an attack against the Niematharin kingdom of Green Glade. The undead are halted and defeated amongst the cliffs of the Southern Wall region of the Foggy Peaks - More about this event

833 - Trade agreement between Ulvhavn and Elmwood: The realm of Ulvhavn in the Northlands begins trading with Elmwood. The threat from Hrafnir Marauders is solved through heavily guarded ships sailing in convoys.

835 - New Chancellor in Elmwood: Gwen Cullen resigns from her post as the Chancellor of Elmwood after 25 years in office. She succeeded not only in being re-elected four times, but also in being the first woman in office. Sean Kearney is elected as the new Chancellor of Elmwood.

844 - King of Kurash dies and is succeeded by his son: King Fadûk of Kurash is slain by the Sand Snake tribe during a hunting expedition to the southern plains. His son Thisûk becomes the king of Kûrash.

845 - New Chancellor in Elmwood: Sean Kearney has to step down from office as he fails to be re-elected. Bernard de Barres, a native of Stormwood, is elected the new Chancellor.

850 - Assassination attempt on Chancellor: An assassination attempt is made on the Chancellor of Elmwood, Bernard de Barres, through poisoning his supper. Luckily it is his dog that at an unguarded moment steals a bite and dies soon after. Neither perpetrators nor suspects are found. Some ill rumours speak of a group wanting him removed due his strong faith in Haerian that has resulted in tougher laws and harder punishment of criminals. From this day on the Chancellor eats all his meals prepared by a trusted sheff using controlled food.

851 - Famous explorer eaten: Dun Figioth, a famous human explorer, is killed and eaten by polar bears when trying to reach Ulvhavn in order to take a ship to Elmwood.

854 - Sun Glade attacked by Pirates: The Mórail realm of Sun Glade is attacked by a large force of Kurashi Pirates under the command of the feared Captain Bloodbeard. The words before the massive battle spoken by Prince Alathian, Defender of the Uluthar are legendary.

"Though our fair homeland is beset on all sides, we shall resist, as our forefathers did before us. In these dark times, as the tainted race of men ravage our shores, we stand defiant and shall emerge victorious. For we are the true kin of Gods, and the Uluthar shall never fall."

The battle lasted for three days after which the pirates were defeated and hunted down till the last ship. Not one of them managed to place their foot on Uluthar ground.

860 - New Chancellor in Elmwood: Bernard de Barres has to step down from office as he fails to be re-elected. Namioth Alaniar, a human raised by the Niemathar, is elected as the new Chancellor. Many upset voices are raised as they fear that matters concerning the Mórail will be favoured within the nation of Elmwood. No such thing takes place though, and all citizens are very pleased with Chancellor Alaniar.

866 - Urmen grow in number: Rangers tell of large amount of Urmen roaming within the forests of Urwood. The Urmen seem to have regained their strength and numbers since their defeat in The Urwars in 807 III.

889 - Mogaroth makes its appearence: Rumors of the rise of a new nation are heard across Charun. Mogaroth, located north across the Snowy Peaks from Nar-Ago, is said to be ruled by Dragon Lords. No one can confirm the rumours though. Travellers begin to shun the surrounding areas and those going in to investigate are never heard from again. Nar-Ago strengthens its troops along the northern border.

895 - Dragonriders sighted: Travellers confirm the presence of Dragons with riders upon them in Mogaroth - a fact that greatly worries the people of Nar-Ago and The Three Isles.

889 - New king on the Three Isles: King Rungrim IV of the Three Isles dies out of old age. His son Tyrgrim II becomes the new king.

900 - Chancellor re-elected: Namioth Alaniar is re-elected as Chancellor of Elmwood for the eight time in a row, thus setting the record for a Chancellor in office.

903 -
Lost Heroes reappear: The sudden appearance of some of the Lost Heroes out of nowhere shocks the nation of Elmwood - More about this event
Dhazzir plot of conquest: The Dhazzir launch an intricate plot that aims to aid them in conquering Elmwood. They are aided by a dragon and a dark knight of Garagor. - More about this event
Bandits grow in number: Several reports tell of increased bandit activity in Talewood. Several patrols of Guardsmen have been sent to deal with the outlaws, with meagre success.
Transporter to the Endless found: A group of adventurers discover a device that functions as a transporter to the underground world of the Endless.

904 -
Teardrop Mayor elected: Elections for the post of mayor in Teardrop are held. Since the only candidate is Saliya Arsay, a native of Teardrop, she is elected mayor. Saliya Arsay also happened to be the individual that struck the killing blow on the dragon that troubled the region in 903 III - More about this event
New organisation founded: Amunhet of Kurash, a priest of Giardain, founds the Brighstar Company, an organisation that swears to protect the surrounding lands from evil.
Secret shrine of Garagor destroyed: A shrine of Garagor is discovered in Elmwood Keep. Sergeant Athelfirth Hredson leads a party of adventurers there in order to destroy it. The mission is successful.
Kunbawan gem mine closed down: Prince Wapwandi of Kunbawa announces his decision that there shall not be any further usage of the old gem mine located in the desert of the north road, nor shall any excavations take place in its deeper parts to see if any gems can be found be made.
The House of Ambassadors opens in Elmwood Keep: A building holding several embassies from nations that have trading or political agreements with Elmwood is opened in Elmwood Keep.
Dragon in Stinky Swamp: Krullo Deepouch, a Half-Man, gets lost in the Stinky Swamp, discovering a previously unknown cave occupied by a dragon.
Bank of Charun victim of a fraud: Gold begin to disappear from the bank in Elmwood Keep. Investigations reveal that the clerk in charge of the bank in the keep was responsible for the missing gold. It was not revealed whether he worked alone or not, but similar events in banks around Charun lead to the majority of them closing down whilst the matter is under further investigation.
Mubuluk closes borders:' The nation of Mubuluk closes its borders to put a stop to the smuggling of goods into their land. The state treasury as suffered heavily thanks to the smuggling that has lead to a large fall in tax income.

905 -
King of Three Isles Assassinated: King Tyrgrim III of the Three Isles was assassinated in the end of Slanach by Elarian Iceblade, an Eiothar. King Tyrgrim´s daughter, Runa, takes the throne as the first queen of the Isles. - More about this event
Elections in Elmwood: Elections are held in Elmwood. Out of the original five candidates only one remains after the campaigning period, the current chancellor Namioth Alaniar, who is elected for the ninth time in a row. New foe attacks Elmwood forces: Creatures of the Endless manage to activate Hibbin´s Elevator from below, launching a surprise attack on the Elmwood guardsmen positioned there. The elevator is a device that was used to transport people and goods to the Endless. The Chancellor sends troops to the site to prevent these creatures from raiding the farms not far from there. A stalemate is reached with the creatures, now called Roarers occupying the easily defended ridge with the elevator and the armed forces of Elmwood below it.
Hillyfield Fair: The Hillyfield Fair is held in Hillyfield, as it has been held every three years for as long as anyone can remember. Half-men from around Charun show up to take part in the festivities.
The Mogaroth War begins: The realm of Mogaroth, rumoured to be home to great evil in form of dragon riders, increases their activities along the northern borders of Nar-Ago in the month of Thilian. The conflict soon escalates into a full-blown war, spreading into the Northlands, as well as to lands across the continent - More about this event
Draft in Hillyfield: Mayor Lusbo Grapegrip of Hillyfield declares a draft due to the increased attacks from the Urmen of the Foggy Peaks. Half-men from around Charun answer the call and head for Hillyfield. Not long there after the Urmen launched a large attack led by a human renegade that had provided them with weapons better than their stone axes. The Urmen were beaten back and the state of emergency that caused the draft was lifted. Roarers attack Teardrop: The 27th of Randine the village of Teardrop was attacked by Roarers who also have been occupying Hibbin´s Elevator. The attack was beaten back by the guards aided by a three adventurers, Frago Farrowbar of Hillyfield, Kerwyn of Hillyfield and Amunhet, priest of Giardain.

906 -
Dhazzir citadel discovered: A Dhazzir citadel is located within reach of the entry point into the Endless through Hibbins' Elevator. All adventurers are asked to show caution when travelling in the realms below the surface.
Worshippers of Garagor found and killed: Priests of Garagor, a faith forbidden in Elmwood, were sighted in the nation in the month of Haerius. An investigation was launched and a squad of guardsmen led by Sergeant Montmorency were sent to the area where the sightings had taken place. A group of Garagorian worshippers were found in a cave nearby and all were slain in the battle that followed.
Arsony attempt on temple of Brunir: An arson tried to burn down the temple of Brunir located in Elmwood Keep in the month of Slanach. A disaster was avoided, for the temple guards noticed the smoke and put the fire out. An odd individual named Cun, believed to be a Half-man, was suspected of the deed, but never charged.
Murder of Teardrop Mayor: A great tragedy took place the 10th of Giarda. The mayor of Teardrop, Saliya Arsay, was found murdered in her home. The investigation led the officials to believe that the killer was searching for something, for all containers were left open and searched by the assassin. The killer was found and slain a month later by Lieutenant Hredson and his companions Elendil and Ellendel Creekbare. The murderer was revealed when overheard discussing his deed with another man in an alley. The motive behind mayor Saliya Arsay´s murder was never revealed.
Sun Glade opens up harbour for trade: The Uluthar of Sun Glade open one of their harbours for traffic from the Three Isles.
War of Elmwood begins: In the evening of the 24th of Gesanar, a massive fleet from Mogaroth arrived at Elmwood Keep, simultaneously as three dragons attacked from above - More about this event

907 -
Dhazzir attack outpost of the Isles: The Three Isles outpost of Neverend, located in the south western Snowy Peaks, was attacked by a large force of surfaced Dhazzir on the 12th of Slanach. Reenforcements arriving at the scene described a slaughter where no soldier was left alive. Queen Runa of the Three Isles doubled the forces at the Neverend outpost to counter future attacks of the same magnitude.
Swordschool Built: Rondolf von Nymuehlen opened a school dedicated to the art of the sword in Giarda, 907 III. The officials of Elmwood gave him permission to build it on Elmwood soil, north of the Twin Bridges along the shores of the Fierce Sea. Rondolf von Nymuehlen agreed on a pact of defence with the nation of Elmwood, where he took it upon him and his school to defend the Twin Bridges area in case of war.
Fire Giant Rampage on the Isles: On the 8th of Giarda fleeing citizens reported a fire giant roaming the Three Isles, killing all in its path. The Half-man Perem Creekbare was caught and found guity of leading the giant to the Isles. She was sentenced to death by beheading on the 15th of Giarda. The Half-man was, however, rescued from her fate and a reward was placed on her head - More about this event
Serial Killer Escapes: In a daring prison escape, three prisoners, including Hamling Oakes, known as the "Elmwood Slasher", who is wanted for the murder of five local girls, escaped the Elmwood Prison on the night of the 5th of Destan 907 III. Two of the prisoners were found and arrested, but Mr. Oakes managed to Evade Authorities. More about this event
Undead attack on Elmwood Keep: Khirlak, probably the most powerful necromancer of the Third Age, awoke and launched an attack on Elmwood Keep with an army of raised dead on the 5th of Gesanar. The undead were defeated, but the Lich Khirlak escaped.

908 -
The War of the Races begins: Tidings from Thunder Hall arriving in Giarda tell of a large gathering Urmen of never before seen magnitude, attacking the last Irintharin kingdoms and settlements in the Snowy Peaks. It seems the Urmen have united under a few charismatic and powerful warchiefs. This launches the War of the Races - More about this event
Dragon slain: On the 15th of Destan, a group of heroes ventured into the Stormy Cliffs to seek out the Ancient Dragon Zhazhrurat said to dwell there, as well as the Saurian cult worshipping it. They entered the complex where they dwelled, fought and defeated the Saurians, climbed to the very top of the mountain and killed the dragon in a battle, largely dominated by the skilled magicians in the group - More about this event
Royal wizard of the Isles slain: Gather the Grey, the royal wizard of the Isles, is slain on the 24th of Destan during a pursuit of the escapee Frago Farrowbar - More about this event
Temple of Garagor under attack: The temple of Garagor on Smoke Isle was attacked twice on the 20th of Thilian - More about this event
Chancellor of Elmwood assassinated: A great tragedy has struck the nation of Elmwood on the 3rd of Zurkah. Chancellor Namioth Alaniar, who had held the office for 48 years, was assassinated. A council formed by the advisors of the deceased Chancellor took lead of the nation until a new ruler had been elected. The murderer had sneaked into the castle during the dark hours between the 2nd and the 3rd days of Zurkah, located the Chancellor's private quarters and killed him. No suspects were found.
New Chancellor in Elmwood: Captain Phillippe-Duc de Montmorency of the Guardsmen of Elmwood was elected new Chancellor of Elmwood on the 1st of Randine. Montmorency was the only candidate running for office. It is believed that the assassination of the former Chancellor has frightened other candidates from running.
Fall of Thunder Hall: The thousands of Urmen roaming the lower levels of the Irintharin kingdom of Thunder Hall launched a massive attack led by an ancient demon on the 4th of Randine. The Mórail were defeated, and most of the inhabitants were slain. More about this event
Three Isles enters the War of Races: Amunhet, priest of Giardain, was imprisoned in the Three Isles on the 12 of Randine. He was sentenced to 20 years behind bars for siding with a Ulutharin troop that got into a skirmish with a force from the Isles. The soldiers from the Isles were slain, but it is not known if Amunhet struck any of the killing blows. The skirmish leads to Queen Runa declaring war on Sun Glade, thus bringing the Isles into the War of Races - Read Queen Runas official response

909 -
War of the Races rages across Charun: More about this event
Coalition of three nations revealed: Queen Runa announced a new coalition of three nations on the 16th of Airin, called the Triscelion. It is apparent that the Kingdom of Kurash is part of the coalition along with the Isles. The third nations identity is not made public yet. Elmwood fears that it may be the foul nation of Mogaroth, which is later revealed to be true.
Violent escape from Three Isles prison: Amunhet, Cleric of Giardain, who had been imprisoned in the Three Isles for 8 months escaped on the 9th of Destan. A group of people, stamped "villains" by the Isles broke into the prison, fought their way down, killed the warden and set the prisoner free. Frago "The Great" Farrowbar, wanted for several crimes on the Isles, was the only one identified. Some claim that the Niematharin ranger Elendil was one of the three, but that has not been confirmed. The third person was a hooded Half-man mage fitting the description of the very same person that has been seen taking part in similar actions on the Isles in the past. Three dozen guards, along with a few priests of Garagor and Haerian were slain during the escape. Queen Runa was very upset, especially since Frago Farrowbar had recently been appointed the Minister of Intelligence in Elmwood. Chancellor Montmorency of Elmwood responds to her through a letter - More about letter
Assassination of Queen of the Isles: Queen Runa of the Three Isles was assassinated on the 5th of Randine. The attack was sanctioned by the nation of Elmwood, and its Chancellor, Phillippe-Duc de Montmorency. The threat posed towards Elmwod by the Isles and their allies is thus removed - More about this event
Mock-assassination of Elmwood Chancellor: In an attempt to reveal those behind the several attempts on his life taking place during the past year, Chancellor Montmorency decides to stage his own death, aided by Frago Farrowbar who plays the assassin. Romil the Mage, the appointed Vice Chancellor, takes the seat of Chancellor which leads to Rudolph Stern eventually taking control of the nation, finally dissolving it - More about this event
Caver attacks around Talewood: Large groups of Cavers attack small settlements in and around Talewood during the month of Brunat, burning up supplies and killing livestock. Several farmers and their families are injured and killed. Travelers are advised to take extreme caution in areas that are known to be populated by Cavers.

910 -
War of the Races rages across Charun: More about this event
Elmwood dissolved: The Supreme Commander of Elmwood, Baron Rudoplh Stern, declared the nation of Elmwood as dissolved on the 28th of Thilian. He decided to keep Elmwood Keep under his control, turning it and the immediate surroundings into his own barony. Elmwood Keep was renamed to Castle Stern.The rest of Elmwood is now no-mans-land - More about this event
Founding of Brunir's Cross: With the dissolving of Elmwood, a large group of inhabitants from Elmwood Keep choose to leave and found a settlement for themselves. The building of Brunir's Cross begins in Saindar, with the Temple of Brunir on a prominent hill overlooking the village.
Nation of Urwood founded: Lumpy Tichkeck, an Urman warrior, announces that he will claim the forest of Urwood for himself, since the nation of Elmwood no longer exists. A long struggle begins, where he is forced to fight and defeat Urman leaders from the forest. Finally he unites the clans in the region and founds the nation of Urwood - More about this event
New Mayor in Teardrop: With 75% of the votes, Will Goodman was elected the Mayor of Teardrop on the 1st of Zurkah. His opponent for the post, Romil the Mage, former Chancellor of Elmwood, found himself beaten.
Elections in Brunir's Cross: The inhabitants of Brunir's Cross decide on that they need a leader. Ruxellius de Larmenius is elected to Mayor on the 5th of Randine with 65% of the votes. He will hold the office till the last day of 913 III.

911 -
War of the Races rages across Charun: More about this event
Dhazzir Attack: A Dhazzir war-party from the Endless attacks Brunir's Cross on the 2nd of Haerius. The attack is beaten back by the Mayor Ruxellius de Larmenius and a band of adventurers and guardsmen.
Risen dragon attacks: Unknown, immensly strong necromantic powers animated the remains of the dragon slain by Saliya Arsay outside the gates of Teardrop. The Dracolich broke through the gates and tore down buildings and killed all that came in its way. Elendil of Green Glade and the mayor of Brunir's Cross, Ruxellius de Larmenius, were at the site and did their best to stop the monster. After causing great damage, the skeletal dragon flew away towards Brunir's Cross with the mayor and Elednil in pursuit. The beast was finally slain with the aid of Archmage Giander Palaprat and Bishop Soothian of the Temple of Brunir.
Death of Zelkheir: The invisible Tower of Shadows south of Green Glade that has threatened the Niematharin realm for long, was destroyed on the 24th of Thilian. A party of powerful heroes ventured there and managed to seek out its master, Zelkheir the insane vampire lord, and slay him. Many of them had attempted to accomplish this task for years - More about this event
New mayor in Brunir's Cross: Ruxellius de Larmenius decides to step down from office, upon which new elections for Mayor in Brunir's Cross are held. Athefirth Hredson, former officer in the Armed Forces of Elmwood is elected to become the new mayor on the 1st of Randine.

912 -
Assassination of Kunbawan Monarch: Four unknown non-Kunbawans entered the Royal Palace of Tambalah on the 6th of Slanach, assassinating Prince Wapwandi, ruler of Kunbawa. It proved later to be an attack masterminded by Mubuluk in order to weaken the nation.
Fall of Kunbawa: The Mubuluki attack the weakened nation of Kunbawa on the 10th of Slanach, defeating the Kunbawan army within days. Most of the surviving Kunbawans have fled towards the coastal islands and jungles - More about this event
Stormwood attacked: A large army of Dhazzir launch an attack on Stormwood Keep from below, taking them by surprise. A flood of refugees flee the fortress, while able knights are left behind in an attempt to keep the Dhazzir from claiming the entire fortress. Soon a stalemate is reached, much due to the narrow halls barricaded by the knights.
Founding of Castle Farrowbar: Frago Farrowbar purchased a large land area in Hillyfield on the 27th of Slanach. He begun building a fortress on the site.
Saviours of the Nar-Agi: The famous Half-man, Frago "The Great" Farrowbar pursued his plan on saving some of the Nar-Agi people that were under attack from Mogaroth. He rallied a party of brave individuals, who set out to rescue as many from death as they could - More about this event
Fall of Nar-Ago: Waki-Ago, the capital of Nar-Ago, fell on the 28th of Giarda under a massive attack from Mogaroth. With that fell the entire nation of Nar-Ago. A couple of dozen ships attempted to flee from the harbour, but all but a few were destroyed by dragons circling in the skies above.
Founding of Eagle's Sanctum: Ruxellius de Larmenius seizes the fortress known as the Sword School on the 2nd of Hedon, since it has not been in use for years. He renames it the "Eagle's Sanctum" and shelters both artefacts and refugees from Stormwood there.
Abbadon is conceived: The sky above Webwood grew dark in the morning on the 9th of Destan, with maliciously red clouds gathering above the forest. A powerful earthquake, centered on the area, was felt soon thereafter all the way in Borderwood and Eagle's Sanctum. Soon thereafter sages across Charun begin reciting an over one hundred year old legend hailing from the time of the First Crusade of Abbadon:

Born and slain, banished for 9 decades, 9 years and 9 months, only to be reborn after a mortal woman carries him for 9 weeks, 9 days and 9 hours, destined to grow to manhood through his infernal blood in 9 months
In an attempt to avoid panic and religious animosity, a high priest of Haerian from the Three Isles decides to write a public response to the event:
Abbadon, the man, was slain and his army defeated. It is not possible to bring someone back who has been dead for over a century, and whose corpse was destroyed beyond revival. This is probably the twentieth rumour I have heard about his return....the stories usually surface as soon as Garagorians are seen in relations to unnatural events. Believing and reciting rumours like this is the same as confirming the divinity of a slain mortal, who was a mere champion of evil...not a demi-god. I would not be surprised if it infact was the Garagorians themselves that were responsible for staging this all, probably in order to cover up something else.
Later it was confirmed that Abbadon the Destroyer was conceived on this day and he would bring the end of the Third Age with him.

913 -
Founding of Ghurzam and the Iron Tower: Mogaroth troops begun rebuilding the ruins of Waki-Ago on the 8th of Gesanar. Simultaneously a massive tower is being built west of Black Lake - supposedly entirely out of iron...
A new cult arises: Rumours claim that it is Abbadon, now grown to manhood, who travels the lands of Charun during dark hours, alluring and gathering followers to join his cause.
Fall of Stormwood: The last troops positioned at Stormwood Keep were overrun and slain on the 4th of Randine. High Chaplain Ridefort, Didier the Arch-Mage and dozens of knights were slain and transported to the Endless to be used in gruesome and foul rituals. The entire stronghold with its immediate surroundings are now under Dhazzir control.
The Cataclysm begins: Horrific, unimagineable events take place in Kurash on the 13th of Randine. A vortex of hellfire opens up in and around the King's Castle and the fortress is filled with lava and fire, quickly consuming both the living and all but the thickest of walls. Powerful entities step through from the lower planes into the mortal world, simultaneously as the sky has turns blood-red, the earth shakes and the sea sends waves taller than the tallest of trees inland. The end of the Third Age has come - More about this event

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