Thorn Roughneck

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Thorn Roughneck
Thorn Roughneck

They don´t come much more massive than this northerner did. Thorn was a broad-shouldered barbarian that seldom, if ever, wore armour or clothing to protect his badly scarred body from the cold.

Thorn grew up in a small village located in the central parts of the Northlands, where he spent most of his youth hunting and warring with neighbouring tribes. He was big as a child, but he grew even bigger at manhood. It is said that he won over and ogre in arm wrestling at the age of 17. Before he was twenty, Thorn left his village and joined a band of marauders that attacked and plundered merchants in the Snowy Peaks. It was during one of these raids that he encountered Aiko, the daughter of a Nar-Agi merchant, travelling with one of the caravans. Thorn was awe struck by her beauty, and he told his fellows in arms to halt their attack. The leader of the marauders laughed at him and told Thorn that he could take the woman as loot, and leave the rest for the others. It all came down to a fight, where Thorn sided with the merchants and succeeded in driving away his former companions. Unfortunately, and to Thorns great despair, Aiko was badly hurt in the battle. An arrow aimed at the massive barbarian had found its way to the woman instead. She died in Thorn´s arms a few hours later.

Devastated, Thorn began wandering aimlessly, from region to region, fighting those that threatened him and in some cases aiding those that begged for help. Over the years the barbarian grew to be a legend amongst those that travel the roads and wildernesses of Charun. It is said that wandered the continent, searching for an answer he didn't know the question to, until his dying days.

Thorn was known to carry a number of items, commonly called Roughneck's Equipage in his legend.

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