Thuaeal Alathun

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446 III -

Prince of the Alathun Province

Prince Thuaeal Alathun
Prince Thuaeal Alathun

Prince Thuael Alathun of the House Alathun is by many non-Ulutharin considered as the most powerful and influential high elven noble. He is the head of the Alathun province, where great palaces look over the sea and a large part of the Ulutharin fleet is assembled. The Alathun province is also where the Council of Valour, ruling organ of Sun Glade, gathers once every three months, unless the situation demands otherwise. Humans often refer to Alathun as the capital of Sun Glade.

Thuaeal Alathun has reached venerable age by elven standards and his wisdom is renowed, not only on Sun Glade, but across the realms. He is by many also considered to be the greatest of wizards, which could very well be true - due the arcane skills he has attained over the centuries are immense.

One story from 739 III tell of a situation where a large fleet of Kurashi pirateships decided to attack a much smaller fleet of Ulutharin ships out in the Central Sea, but when they learned that Thuaeal Alathun was onboard one of the vessels, they quickly abandoned their idea and retreated. Such was his reputation and power already in the 8th Century of the Third Age.

It is also said that the coastal province of Alathun survived the Cataclysm and the enourmous tidal waves brought by it largely due to Thuaeal standing in their way, creating a magical barrier to block them.

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