Thunder Hall

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Founded by Erinar in: 4351 II

Destroyed in 908 III

Time Period: 1475 years

The ruins of Thunder Hall
The ruins of Thunder Hall



Located in the Snowy Peaks mountain range, the once magnificent kingdom of Thunder Hall is nothing but a underground ruin infested foul creatures today.

The building and mining of this great Irintharin kingdom began in the year of 4351 of the Second Age, and it continued all the way until it fell. At present time it consists of tens of levels, burrowing both upwards and deep down under the mountain. They used to be filled with everything from temples and smithies to homes and endless stairs.


Thunder Hall was ruled by kings throughout it's existence, all sharing bloodline with the first king of the realm, Erinar. During times of war, a council formed by experienced warriors, elders and priests gathered to co-rule with the king.


The Irintharin of Thunder Hall used always to be more tolerate with non-Mórail than the rest of their kin. They were always known for keeping their gates open to all races, and trading precious metals and gems with the outside world. This combined with the fact that Thunder Hall was the only Irintharin realm which location was known by non-Mórail resulted in almost a form of tourism, with curious visitors buying everything from Irintharin trinkets to simple armour. The Irintharin of Thunder Hall were very strict with keeping all visitors in the city area though. Stray wanderers found in their homes were dismissed quickly, and violently.

Great pillars of Thunder Hall
Great pillars of Thunder Hall


In the late 8th century of the Third Age a massive army of growlers, trolls and other foul creaturs launched an attack on the lower levels of the kingdom, forcing the Irinthar to abandon them. Soon thereafter the war reached a stalemate, where the enemy occupied the lower levels, but could not manage to break through the Irinthar guarding the passages leading up. The majority of the Thunder Hall army was stationed in the lower levels, which saved the kingdom from being overrun. That was the Irintharin way, due as in many of their realms that was where the mines were, as were various creatures that roamed the darkness.

In 908 III the a large coalition of Urmen began attacking Irintharin settlements across the Snowy Peaks, successfully destroying them one after one. Thunder Hall was the place where many refugees fled to seek shelter, and soon thereafter the kingdom was drawn into the war as well. The conflict escalated, and soon the Irinthar found themselves siding with the other Mórail against various human nations, as well as coalitions of natives in a war that today is known as the War of the Races.

The majority of the Irinthar forces left Thunder Hall to face Mórail foes in battle, which the creatures occupying the lower levels were fast to take advantage out of. Led by the Ancient Demon roaming the lower levels, they charged up the passages, finally killing just about everyone in the kingdom, including the refugees that had survived the destructions of their homes. When the news reached the Irintharin army, they turned back immediately, only to face a foe that both outnumbered them and used their own fortifications against them and the battle was soon lost. The larges known Irintharin kingdom had been lost, along with nearly every single Irinthar living in it.

Library: Last Stand of the Irinthar

Lineage of Rulers: Succession Order of Thunder Hall

Statistics Before Downfall

Population: 11.000

Army: 2500 warriors

Government form: Monarchy, with an equally powerful War-Council interacting with the king at times of war

Last Ruler: Alrinar

Demographics: 100% Irinthar

Heraldic Colours: Grey

Natural Resources: Raw iron, gems, gold, coal

Manufactured Goods: Weaponry, jewellery

Wealth: High

Allies: Three Isles

Enemies: Varied throughout history

Primary God: Rinthaos

Other Gods: Mórail Pantheon

Climate: Sub-arctic

Terrain: Kingdom within a mountain

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