Thurin Trollnose

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581 - 908 III

Last King of Thunder Hall

Thurin Trollnose
Thurin Trollnose

Thurin son of Tharan of the Firecliff clan was born into the royal bloodline of Daluin Deepbrow in the mightiest of dwarven kingdoms. As the eldest of two sons, he succeeded his father on the throne in 822 III as the 12th King of Thunder Hall.

Called "Trollnose" due to an event where he cut off the nose of a cave troll as a youngster, he was not only a great warrior, but also a very skilled diplomat. He revolutionised the politics of Thunder Hall through opening the kingdom's gates for visitors for the first time since it's founding. He also entered a trading agreement with the Three Isles, where gems for the first time were exported and sold to mankind.

King Thurin died defending his realm when he led the host of dwarves against the invading creatures from the depths below. He faced death in a duel against the Ancient Balor of Thunder Hall.

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