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Adventurer's travelling across Charun are supposed to be in somewhat good shape compared to modern day people, more used to physical endeavours and travelling by foot regardless of their constitution. When travelling, they are considered to be on the move roughly 10-12 hours per day when heading across the map towards a destination.

As a general rule you are believed to on average put behind you 4 km (2.5 miles) per hour, leading to a daily walk of roughly 40 km (25 miles). This means about 10 hours of walking each day, so there should be enough time for breaks for lunch and short rests. Someone in excellent shape who is travelling alone, or in the company of others able to run great distances instead of walking, would naturally cover even greater distances. In Charun they are counted as moving 6 km per hour and 60 km per day. Also, moving through difficult terrain penalises your movement reate.

If someone was to travel for 15 hours per day, or something similar in order to get somewhere fast, it would have to be roleplayed properly. Fatigue, sore feet and other symptoms would show in most characters.

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  • Daily travel consists out of 10 hours of walking.
  • An average person moves 4 km per hour, and 40 km per day.
  • Someone physically fit travelling lightly can move 6 km per hour, and 60 km per day.
  • Moving through mountains decreases movement speed to 25%.
  • Moving through a forest or jungle, without being able to follow a road or a path, decreases movement speed to 50%.
  • It is possible to travel 15 hours per day, but the symptoms following such an endeavour must be roleplayed properly.

Old Land Distances

One square in the grid below represents roughly 100 km (60 miles). In other words:

  • It takes about 5 days to move 1 square in an open landscape or along a road or path.
  • Moving 1 square through dense forests takes 10 days.
  • Moving 1 square through mountains takes 20 days.
  • Dagandal to Cadbaile = 300 km
  • Dagandal to Lord's Hill = 100 km
  • Dagandal to Larmenius = 600 km
  • Dagandal to the Dead Gate= 620 km

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