Tower of Hulbart

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On a tall hill bordering the foothills of the Snowy Peaks, just a short distance from what remains of Thunder Hall Road and the ancient entrance into the mountains, stands a well known landmark of the Isles - a majestic tower made of white stone that overshadows the surrounding trees. It is the tallest tower made by the hands of Islanders. Even as aged as it is the tower has a beauty that is a testament to the skill of the craftsmen that constructed it. So much so that it is still rumour that it was elves that designed this structure. Even in its splendor it is obviously a tower made with military power in mind.


In the years following the Cataclysm the council of the Three Isles decided that it was necessary to create an extra military post for the city incase of war, or an attack from the numerous enemies that now surrounded them. Protection offered by the nation’s military was still limited from the Cataclysm and, if they were attacked, the farmlands around the isles would surely be destroyed. It was Hulbart, son of Herrick, whom created the initial plans for the tower. The Tower’s construction was difficult, as it was to be the tallest building to be set upon the human lands since the fall of the great elven cities at the end of the Second Age.

The construction for this tower began on 12th of Burnat in the 11th year of the Fourth Age and ended on the 18th of Destan 24 IV. Hulbart declared his tower complete and gave it a name fitting of such a grand building, “Tower of Baltasar”. Two dozen soldiers were stationed there along with Hulbart and they were to keep a watch out for suspicious activities coming from the Skull Crusher Woods or the Thunder Halls area.

Watchman of the tower
Watchman of the tower

Twenty-four years passed in peace before the Tower of Baltasar came under attack. It was a moonless night; the canopy of stars was masked by dark clouds. A lone watchman looked out on the pass to Thunder Halls with sleep-glazed eyes. The orc took him by surprise. Dressed in dark robes it had climbed over the wall and slain him before he could gasp or call for help. At the signal, several more orcs crept silently over the walls and proceeded down the stairs. They moved soundlessly through the corridors of the tower slaying the sleeping guardsmen as they swept though the tower rooms on their quick decent. That night, though silent and peaceful, was quite humid and warm. Hulbert, due to either bad dreams or the suffocating heat, could not sleep. He found himself tending the fire in the tower’s common area when a muffled noise awoke him from his dozey state. Realizing quickly the danger the tower was in; Hulbart took up his sword and raced to the beacon at the top of the tower. He used the torch to light the beacon and then rang the bell to alert any who were still alive in the tower. The tales recall of Hulbart’s booming voice echoing through the halls, “The Tower is in danger! To Arms!”

At first sight of the beacon, a battalion was dispatched from the Isles; they reached the tower to find goblins and orcs attempting to break the front doors. The battle was swift and with few casualties, the Islanders won. The commander and a few men searched the tower once the last of the orcs had been slain. At the top they found the battered corpse of Hulbart, still clutching the torch in his hand, and an orcish dagger buried in his back.

It was clear that without the sleeplessness of Hulbart that the tower would have been taken, and the farmlands of the Isles would undoubtedly been ravaged and pillaged. Truly, as the name was given, the gods watch over the tower. However due to the rising beliefs that the gods had abandoned the people of Charun, the army gave the tower a better suited name. The newly named Tower of Hulbart stood tall in the sun on the next day. The deed that saved the farmlands from its destruction was not soon forgotten and since that night new fortifications were made to the tower so it would be near impossible to sneak into it again.

The Tower Today

The Tower of Hulbart has become a well established stronghold for the Isles military. There is now stationed a company (100) of men at any given time. There are two companies from the 1st Division that rotate on a monthly basis; The 1st Company of the 2nd Cohort of the 1st Brigade led by Captain Erich and the 1st Company of the 6th Cohort of the 2nd Brigade led by Captain Reynard. Captain Erich and Captain Reynard are quite strict as far as keeping the tower in a working and orderly manner. Captain Erich, in his mid thirties, is a respectable warrior, known for great valor and honor; he holds his title with great pride. Captain Reynard, now in his late fourties, used to fight on the western frontier against Mogaroth was reassigned. He was made captain and has since held duties on Diamond Isle and the tower of Hulbart using the same determination from the battle field to keep the tower a smoothly running outpost of the Isles. Both these men were specifically picked to command the tower fortifications, and they both do an excellent job each are capable fighters and are held in high praise by their respected companies.

There is a mess hall and a common area within the tower where the soldiers may eat and spend some time when they are off duty. The mess hall offers very little variation in its menu; tasteless meals of pork and potatoes, Oatmeal, and rations of dried meats, crusty bread and cheese. The common area holds a few small bookcases sparsely stocked a few small tables and a few couches. All the furniture is less than comfortable, but it is comforting change from standing for a long day in mail armor. Both the mess hall and the common area are open to the public until nightfall, when the gates are locked until the dawn. The dormitory is always open for those that wish to spend the night (or who have been locked in). Simple beds with straw-filled mattresses and rough, often dirty, blankets, but it’s still better than sleeping out in the rain.

Within the tower there is a blacksmith and a leatherworker. Although they are swamped with the work of up keeping of the armor for the men that work within the boundaries of the tower, they often repair the armor of travelling heroes and mercenaries. Rarely will these craftsmen have some armor for sale, if they do it is most likely something they had been working on for some months, or pieces of armor from old soldier suits. Occasionally there will be a wandering merchant within the tower selling knick knacks and other trinkets to the adventurers that often frequent the tower on the way to more fierce destinations.

The road to the tower is relatively safe, as the borders of the farmlands are patrolled; however there are the occasional times when a bear or a pirate or two sneaks past the boarders. It’s generally the last mistake they make as they are usually dispatched by either the heroes that move along the pass or the guardsmen.

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