Trade Town

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Trade Town
Trade Town

Trade Town is the only settlement in the Wild Hills, not counting the farms and cottages of the native Hill Folk. Built upon a hill and protected by a pallisade wall, it is also one of the safest locations in the region. Even though the name implies so, it is not even remotely close to a town in size, being more so a cross between a hamlet and a village. For the Hill Folk, however, it is a busy centre of trade, bustling with activity and the only place where foreign faces can be seen.

Trade Town may be small and unsignificant when it comes to wordly matters, but it is a popular place to visit for adventurers of all categories. The village is the end station for civilisation in that part of the world, with vast areas of wilderness and no man's land surrounding it. Mighty mountains, deep forests and ruined remains of earlier Ages await the courageous in the untamed region.

The amount services found in Trade Town are finite. The village blacksmith is known for producing a limited range of armour and weapons, as well as his severe problems with liqour. For leather goods, one has to visit the local hunter and tanner who provides for himself through selling meat and crafting equipment. A general provisions shop is located opposite the village inn, ironically named The Palace - a rowdy locale where it is as easy to get drunk as to get beaten up, or even worse. The lot is protected by a group of mercenaries, led by Bull - a notorious hot-head. One would expect commerce to be dangerously low in such a remote village, and it would be if it wasn't for the steady stream of adventurers arriving there. Those that don't perish during their expeditions into the wild, often return with their pockets filled with gold that they are more than eagre to spend.

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