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Tridhaman on his tiger Ramesh
Tridhaman on his tiger Ramesh

The patron deity of the Hatriya caste found in Kanjo is as fierce and uncompromising as his faithful. Charging forth on his huge tiger, Ramesh, with his curved sword "Adrishta" in hand, the god is truly a fearsome sight to behold. He is said to exist on the Astral Plane, but frequently visiting the Mortal World.



The Kanjite Hatriya Caste, pride, prowess, determination


The Astral Plane


Tridhaman has existed in Kanjite beliefs and lore since the dawn of time, which is quite the opposite of most of the New Powers. The tiger-riding god has been regarded as real, but in deep slumber, which has not prevented the Hatriya Caste from worshipping him. An anticipated, but surprising change came with the Fourth Age; Tridhaman had awoken, a development that further strengthened the Hatriya Caste and the entire nation of Kanjo.


The worship of Tridhaman takes place through all one's actions. It includes an entire code of conduct with the three virtues; pride, prowess and determination. The followers of Tridhaman believe that surrendering to fate is a sign of weakness. If determined enough, one can twist and change destiny; a homeage to Tridhaman and the ultimate show of strength. The god is said to be the only one able to force fate upon a mortal through a strike with his sword, Adrishta, which translates "Destiny".

Religious ceremonies take place regularly in temples. Minor gatherings are held on daily basis, but the obligatory masses are held on the first day of each month. They involve prayer as well as executions by those that are to be fed to the temple tiger.


The Hatriya Caste of Kanjo have Tridhaman as their patron deity.


Tigers are regarded as holy by the Hatriya Caste and as mortal messengers of the god. All temples keep a tiger, which is raised from a cub. The Kanjite believe that all tigers descend from Ramesh, Tridhamans steed. Hunting and other unprovoked killings of tigers are thus forbidden in Kanjo, punishable by a suiting ritual death by a temple tiger. Only members of the Hatriya Caste are allowed to kill or harm a tiger in situations calling for self-defence. They believe that Tridhaman tests their strength and courage through these occurances.

The Kanjite believe that Tridhaman brings stormy weather with him when he arrives to the world of mortals. Thunder is said to be the roaring of Ramesh, and lightning the sparks from the god's sword.


Tridhaman's priests are, as all Kanjite priests, members of the Vipra Caste. They live in grand temples where they hold daily ceremonies. Each of Tridhaman's priests have entered a holy pact with the deity, who in return grants them arcane powers. It is not uncommon to see these arcane powers on display before a battle, where the Hatriya Caste is strengthened by them before the fighting erupts.

The priests dress in flowing red and yellow robes.

Granted Powers: Bolstering and Gusting


Adrishta (Tridhaman's curved sword), Tiger, Tiger's Head, Tiger's Paw


Gold, Red, Yellow

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