Tyren Darkstar

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Destan 334 - 400 IV

PC played by Jerrod Kane

Tyren Darkstar
Tyren Darkstar


Chancellor of New Elmwood & The Martyr of the Dagger

Fate and faith has thrown Tyren Darkstar around as the raging sea tosses around a broken ship on it's waves. He has been rejected by Brunir, but in his repent later given grace in the Overlord's embrace again. He has been thrown out from the Sanctian Church of Brunir, only to return with even stronger faith and yet again accepted into their clergy. Once outlawed and banned from Sanctia, he is today hailed a hero in the nation. Tyren is even said to have sacrificed his own life in order to keep evil at bay, only to later be revived - something nearly unheard of since the times before the Cataclysm.

Notable features on Tyren are a scar across his neck, and another over his heart; both caused in his martyrdom and subsequent revival. His back has a large tattoo of an avenging angel of Brunir attacking a daemonic horde; a holy sword held in one hand, the other holding a glistening shield.

Attached to him at all times (save for bathing and sleeping) are tomes of Brunirs work, locked to his waist by a thick steel chain. The chain is linked to the base of each of the books, and has enough spare chain to allow him to lift up a book when it is needed.

Around his neck hang four necklaces, one is in the shape of a silver sword, another in the shape of Brunir's symbol. The thrid is a plain copper design, and the fourth one is a silver necklace, with a large blue gem held in an ornate design.

The Fall from Grace

Tyren Darkstar was for long known as the short-tempered and zealous priest who travelled the wilderness of the Old Lands, hammer in hand and his characteristic wide-brimmed hat shadowing his features. He gained public attention in Randine 353 IV when he issued an ultimatum against the Temple of Amrun in Larmenius, threatening to burn it to the ground by the following day, along with all occupants within who refused to leave. Darkstar hated all the New Powers, not matter how benevolent they seemed to be, because in his eyes they were corrupting innocent people to believe in the lies they were spreading. He saw it as his duty to to cleanse them of their sins.

Tyren believed himself to be the one to restore Brunir to his rightful glory, and he regarded the Sanctian Church of Brunir as a corrupted institution standing in his way.

"Dæmons are being openly worshipped as Gods! How can we let the common citizenery follow such foul creatures? They are neither deserving of our acknowledgement or worship, for their actions are lies that cover their true intentions."

"We should not just stand by and let these monsters corrupt those of innocence that wander into their arms. We must act! We have lost our place in this, and time has come for us to take it back from the filth that now festers in our lands!"
- Tyren Darkstar, Randine 353 IV

A public prosecution before a Sanctian court was pending and since Tyren refused to follow direct orders from the Sanctian Church of Brunir, they reached an official standpoint concerning him:

"Since Darkstar has chosen to distance himself from the church and act against direct orders from the head of the church, as well as threaten innocent citizens of Sanctia, he is expelled from the Sanctian Church of Brunir. Darkstar is believed to either have fallen from faith, lured by darker forces to do their bidding, or to have fallen ill with madness. Since he refuses to receive aid or guideance, a verdict of herecy lies pending within the church."
- Bishop Bernard of the Sanctian Church of Brunir

In 23rd of Airin 354 IV Darkstar returned to Larmenius after a long stay out in the wildnerness. He had apparently abandoned his plans on burning down the temple of Amrun, and was granted entry into the Brunite temple.

However, it seems that his plan did not include still prayers within the temple walls. Instead he made new threats - this time to the Bishop of the Brunite temple, where he made it very clear that he would through force purge the the temple, and possibly the city, ridding them of the corruption reigning there. Not being able to have him on the loose anymore, the bishop ordered him to be seized and confined, awaiting trial, facing the charges of threatening to bring harm to citizens of Larmenius.

This was when Darkstar suddenly felt lost, and the guiding feel from Brunir had vanished from him. The Overlord was not answering his prayers anymore.

The Trial

The trial finally took place on 28th of Gesanar 354 IV. Darkstar had by then been confined 11 months while awaiting the court hearing. He was charged with offences against the community, falling under matters affecting public health and safety, as well as with Blasphemy versus the Sanctian Church of Brunir.

The court found Tyren Darkstar to show no signs of regret. On the contrary he showed a lack of emphaty, prudence, sound judgement and responsible behaviour that is expected by an individual of his stature. He was deemed to still pose a threat to public health and safety. He was thus sentenced to one full year in prison, followed by outlawry.

Since Darkstar had already served eleven months in prison while awaiting the trial, he was after the remaining month to be escorted to the Sanctian border and given one full day to remove himself to safety. After the full day had passed, he was considered an outlaw. As all outlaws, he was condemned to death by hanging upon capture.

However, Tyren was not released from prison until the 28th of Giarda 355 IV. Interrogations with Darkstar had kept him confined in prison for six months, rather than the additional month to be served according to his verdict. He had now served a total of 17 months in prison.

The Rise

In Airin 357 IV, nearly two years after being released from prison and outlawed, Tyren partook in an epic quest in slaying a black dragon that had killed Brunite pilgrims. He had by then repented before the Overlord and yet again found his light. A wiser man now, he had learned to listen to the Overlord with his heart - rather than his mind. Nevertheless, he was still expelled from the church and banned from Sanctia. However, everything was soon to change. The official announcement from Bishiop Bernard of the Sanctian Church of Brunir read:

"The light of Brunir has shone upon us this day."

"Brave heroes have succeeded in slaying a mythical beast of ancient times, retreiving what it had stolen and securing the path of the pilgrims once again. The 25 000 gold coins that were stolen from the caravan were returned to the Shrine of the Overlord, and an additional sum of 200 000 gold coins were donated to the temple in Larmenius."

"The Sanctian Church of Brunir will in return offer each of the participants support, would they ever plan on establishing a stronghold of good intent."

"Grace will also be given to Tyren Darkstar who was banned from our nation and sentenced to outlawry. He has found faith again and his sentences will from now on be lifted off his shoulders. A hero should be hailed, rather than barked at."
- Bishop Bernard of the Sanctian Church of Brunir


In Slanach 361 IV Tyren partook in a quest to hinder the entry of a destructive New Power into the world of mortals. The decissive move that finally forced the entity back into the Outer Realms, was made by Tyren when he chose to sacrifice his own life in return for the cause. The tale reveals that the adventurers partaking in the quest had earlier found an ancient dagger of unknown power, that was used by Tyren during his sacrifice.

"Tyren, a loyal priest of the Church of Brunir and regarded a good friend by many, has perished. The events leading up to his death are unknown to most, but let it be assured that in his death, in his martyrdom, Tyren saved not only Sanctia, but perhaps all of Charun from a great and foul threat."

"Only the most worthy and enduring of the Overlord's faithful could have successfully confronted a power of the Outer Planes. To our fortune, Tyren possessed all those traits, leaving an admirable legacy for all of us to look up to."

"May he watch over you in death as he did in life, and may his soul find peace in the Overlord's embrace."
- Bishop Bernard of the Sanctian Church of Brunir

Even though questioned by sceptics, Tyren was a few weeks later revived from death. How this is possible remains a mystery. Believers hail the Overlord and the involvement of the same sacred dagger used to keep the New Power away, and that is now locked away in the vaults of the Brunite temple. Others, more doubtful of nature, claim that Darkstar must have been mortally wounded, but not dead, later making a miraculous recovery.

However, his returnal to life is confirmed by many, such as the Bishop of the Sanctian Church of Brunir, since it was done moments before his burial. Tyren himself is taciturn about the matter, and the fact that he might be one of the very few brought back to life since the times before the Cataclysm.

"It is with a heart filled with joy that I announce that Tyren Darkstar, martyr and priest of Brunir, has through the the Overlord's grace and the help of his companions returned to the world of the living. The most gracious boon offered few men since the ancient times pre-dating the Cataclysm."

"When Tyren has recovered from his ordeal, which may take considerable time, the Church of Brunir will hold a grand celebration to mark the return of the Martyr."
- Bishop Bernard of the Sanctian Church of Brunir

The Order Awakes

In 361 IV Tyren decided to re-establish the Order of the Merciful Sword that protected Elmwood in the Third Age. It was a step towards his vision of rebuilding the nation of Elmwood in all it's glory. The first step was to build a stronghold, and he decided to do that among the ruins of Teardrop - Elmwood's most northern point. The re-establishment of the order was finalised in Airin 362 IV with the support of the Sanctian Church of Brunir.

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Eagle's Ruin

Disturbing Tyren's plans was the aspiring group known as Eagle's Ruin, with whom the had several conflicts. Clearly evil in his eyes, he was forced to ally himself with Randvar Leikrson in order to face up to them. After an ambush in Talewood, in which the Eagle's Ruin aimed to kill both of them, Randvar's wife Kathleen ended up as prisoner. Even though heavily occupied, Tyren finally agreed to side once again with Randvar in an attempt to free her. The attempt ended in catastrophy and the attackers were taken prisoner and petrified with the aim of being shipped to the Three Isles - and certain death. It was then that things took a new turn, due the ally of Eagle's Ruin, Cadman, betrayed them and created an opportunity for the escape of the prisoners.

New Elmwood

In 363 IV Tyren grew more and more focused on refounding the nation of Elmwood. He wanted to rebuild Teardrop and start claiming territory around it, but he lacked the funds for it. He had by then offered sanctuary to Nithila, a member of the Eagle's Ruin - his former foe, whom he felt symphaty for. This relationship was greatly frowned upon by others, mainly Nyhavn and Sanctia, due both saw has a criminal that should be put to trial. It was through Nithila that Tyren finally got the funds required for rebuilding Teardrop.

Tyren announced the refounding of Elmwood on the 1st of Gesanar 363 IV, naming the nation New Elmwood. Three dozen construction workers and enough material to build two castles had also arrived to Teardrop by then. The new nation was reckognised by Sanctia two weeks later, and on the 7th of Randine 363 IV an alligiance was made with Cadman and the Hill Folk, known as the New Elmwood alliance.

After figthting in the Old Land Stand against invading Kanjites, Tyren proceeded with rebuilding the ruins of Teardrop (even though some questioned the means that he acquired the gold for it) and the constitution of the nation was announced it 366 IV.

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Fall of New Elmwood

The worst possible foe emerged in 367 IV as the vampires of Narghal attacked and set ablaze Teardrop when Tyren and his powerful associates where elsewhere. All the guardsmen were either slaughtered or captured. As Tyren Darkstar and Hartman Brandeis returned to Teardrop, they were greeted by smoldering buildings and a note nailed onto the gate through a human hand with a message that put the entire region under Narghal's claim. Tyren grew furious and abandoned Teardrop, wandering off into the dead lands of Narghal with revenge in his mind. The newly appointed Chancellor of Elmwood, Jaye Fawkes, attempted to organise the rebuilding of Teardrop with little success, and even tried to rally people through a speech in Larmenius. No one seemed interested in following him into a partly burned town that soon may face both vampires and the Dhazzir.

Not long thereafter the Dhazzir approach Teardrop, and defending Hillfolk, adventurers and members of the Old Lands Company see it a wiser choice to retreat from behind the broken walls of Teardrop, rather than fight an overwhelming force of Dhazzir.

Vendetta against Narghal

Tyren finally emerged, having wandered the Everclouds, fighting the dead denizens and their minions. He was exhausted, without a nation and without a vision. He spent the following decade with similar expeditions into the Everclouds, sometimes even rumoured to have descended into Narghal itself. His reputation and vigilance attracted more and more like-minded followers over the years, and his expeditions grew to quite the gatherings in the end.

Controversial as always, Tyren found companionship with a Nimathar by the name of Aemilie in 377 IV, which put a stop his several month long expeditions against the dead. Their marriage in 380 IV was quiet, taking place within the Shrine of the Overlord with Tyren’s and Aemilie’s friends and allies standing nearby. Although their marriage never brought Tyren a true family, she was all the family he needed. Even though he was happy, he still felt a keen loss deep inside for his dearest friend, Arath, who had given her life up many years ago.


Tyren declared his “retirement” from adventuring at the age of 56, in 390 IV and settled down in his birthplace of Larmenius. His body was worn down over the years by constant travel across the Old Land. However, he never completely stopped travelling and while he was at home, he always had his hammer and armour readied incase there would come a call for aid.

He spent the latter years of his life attempting to gain support from Brunites in the Three Isles, as well as the Sanctian rich and powerful, to fund a large cathedral fortress dedicated to faith and his followers. The vision was a grand one - a magnificent cathedral with shrines to all gods Tyren approved of: Brunir, Sirine, Giardain, Thilias, Haerian and Zurkan. It was a noble attempt to try and keep the dwindling faith in the Old Gods alive, but unfortunately he failed to gain enough with funders to the costly project, and the vision remained merely a vision.

He continued to develop the Order of the Merciful Swords that he had brought to life again from the Third Age. The virtues of protecting the faith of Brunir and their own homes didn't appeal to great crowds, but occasional visitors sent to learn from him even from far corners of the world arrived now and then.

Tyren declared his semi-retirement from being a priest in the Church of Brunir in 398 IV. While performing some services, he stood down from the day-to-day running of theological life. His passion for his own faith remained the same as always though.


Retirement didn't sit well with Tyren and even though his body wasn't quite up for the task, he ventured out on many a small quest - often in full armour, even if not required.

In 400 IV, at the age of 66, Tyren set out to defeat group of Dhazzir that had been seen just outside Sanctian borders. The Sanctian troops had chosen not to pursue them into Talewood, and into a possible ambush - which didn't stop Tyren. Joined by half-a-dozen of his followers, Tyren found the Dhazzir, but the old man proved to be too easy of an target. A poisoned Dhazzir bolt pierced his full plate and struck his heart. Fatally wounded, Tyren charged with hammer in hand and managed to slay two Dhazzir before collapsing.

Taken back to the temple in Larmenius, the priests said they could do nothing for him, save making his final hour comfortable. Tyren died half an hour later, his hands clutching tightly at a symbol of Brunir, his last words being uttered “My light is fading… I fear this time… shall not return.”

Against the spirit of Tyren's will, his burial was grand, but plain, his body interred within the Temple of Brunir, people from all walks of life attending it.

Will of Tyren Darkstar

“I seek no grand burial, no monument outlandish or expensive. I seek to be buried as a Priest, the honours conferred as my position allows. My lands, if they are free are to be delivered to the People of Sanctia, to grant them the Land of Elmwood. If they remain in the hands of the Dhazzir, I wish them to be freed and the man or woman who frees them may claim the mantle of Chancellor, and to the wealth and honour such a position resumes.

“My armour is to be stood in the Temple in Larmenius, the cause of my death – wound to remain unrepaired, as testament to the faith that I bear to Brunir. My hammer is to join my armour, and only to be used in times of great need, as the weapon is blessed against the daemonic filth from the Hells.

“The books of my Faith are to return to the Library. They are relics of times long gone and I have added to them greatly during my travels.

“To my wife, Aemilie, if you still live at the time of my death, I ask that you keep my name known, to inspire those in the future to follow what I have laid down here in the Old Lands. My titles, deeds and wealth I pass to you, to continue the dream of Elmwood and to keep the Merciful Swords alive.

“I bear no son or heir to my name, but I wish that those of bright mind and body of the temple Acolytes to be inducted into the Merciful Swords, so that they may receive the best training they deserve. “With this, my will ends and by the grace of Brunir grant may my ending in his arms once more.”

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