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The Urmen live in permanent locations without states or organized governments, consisting of clans divided into bands that range from 20 to 100 members. The bands are formed by several families and are led by the strongest and most aggresive male. Bands sometimes join into gatherings for activities such as acquiring mates or warfare. These hordes can count up to thousands of individuals and they are very warlike and expansionistic, but tend to be poorly organized; without strong leadership most hordes break down and fight among themselves in short order.

At certain locations in Charun clans have united into large tribes, such as in Urwood, Talewood and Skullcrusher territory.

The Tribe - an alliance of clans.
The Clan - a gathering of bands.
The Band - a gathering of several families.


Talur Tribe

Location: Talewood
Estimated population: 30 000

A large Urman tribe that consists of 11 clans has successfully claimed eastern Talewood as their territory for over two centuries. They have slowly adapted to the forested region, forming a culture of their own. These Urmen are today known as Talur, which hails from the words "Talewood Urmen". The Talur clans are more inclined to gather their bands into somwhat more coherent hordes than usual among the Urmen, which could be one of the reasons behind their success. Experts say that would all the Talur clans gather under a strong enough chieftain, who could keep them organised, then all the surrounding nations would face a powerful foe. The 11 clans that form up the Talur tribe are:

  • Bloodaxe
  • Ironbear
  • Mooneye
  • Manhunter
  • Fireskull
  • Bloodhand
  • Wifestealer
  • Corpsecrow
  • Howlthroat
  • Fangaxe
  • Wolfhead

Wudur Tribe

Location: Urwood
Estimated population: 50 000

Wudur are Urmen who specifically inhabit the nation and forest of Urwood. Genetically they are identical to other Urmen and though slightly smaller in stature, are nearly identical in appearance. The largest difference between the two is that Wudur are considerably more passive and organized, a result of generations of the more structured lifestyle government has imposed upon them. Many of the more savage Urmen conventions no longer hold true to Wudur, though it can hardly be said that they are entirely civilized either. The 8 clans that form up the Wudur tribe are:

  • Redmaw
  • Thunderbear
  • Bloodtusk
  • Ironhead
  • Firesnake
  • Fanghead
  • Stormclaw
  • Nighthunter

Deep Tribe

Location: Subterrain territory in northern Atalheim
Estimated population: Unknown

The mostly subterrain tribe of Urmen that has inhabited the old mines of Elmwood since it was abandoned and left into their hands in 725 III has ever since been known as the Deep Tribe. The name originates from the difficulties Elmwood faced with trying to battle them for the mines, where seemingly endless numbers poured out of the depths. One could argue that they are in fact the most successful, or at least durable tribe, having held their territory for seven centuries. Scholars tend to believe that the Deep Tribe can not have prevailed through living in bands as is customary for the Urmen, suggesting that they have indeed formed a society where the entire clans lives side by side. The question that is yet to be answered is how they manage to provide for themselves when in such large numbers, given that Urmen are supposed to live in smaller bands to make survival easier. It is not known how many clans form up the Deep Tribe, and only 5 are known by name:

  • Shadowclaw
  • Cavebear
  • Bat
  • Darkstalker
  • Rockhead

Skullcrusher Tribe

Location: Skullcrusher territory
Estimated population: 20 000

The large marshlands found west of the Three Isles and are known as the Skullcrusher Swamp. The name comes from one of the fiercest tribes of Urmen in Charun, who dwell there and in the forests north of the swamp, that together make up the Skullcrusher Territory. Their warriors make crossing the marshlands very dangerous, since they consider all outsiders trespassers and intruders that are to be killed. Finding your way through is another problem, since 90% of the area consists out of water, deep mud or otherwise non-solid ground.

The Skullcrusher tribe joined forces with the Mogarothi when they launched an attack against the Three Isles in the Third Age, resulting in a stalemate that still lasts along the eastern border of the marshland. Even though Mogaroth still keeps troops there, mainly Sauroids used to the marshland, the majority of the warfare and raids across the border is done by the Urmen. The 6 clans that form up the Skullcrusher tribe are:

  • Swampsnake
  • Talltree
  • Beetlebite
  • Corpseeater
  • Hillraider
  • Mankiller

Urgin Tribe

Location: Urgin
Estimated population: 30 000

Urgin is located in the Northlands on the shore of the Sea of Ice, with the Snowy Peaks towering over the region to the south. The landscape consists out of plains and sharp, pointy cliffs. It is a harsh and rugged land, with freezing winds brought from the Sea of Ice, and blizzards of tremendous force charging down from the Snowy Peaks. The lack of vegetation and proper cover from the climate has resulted in wildlife avoiding the region. Only Urmen adapted to the extreme situation live there. They are a violent, simple-minded tribe with a primitive culture. They often choose to communicate through grunts and gestures as much as through words. The majority of them do not even use fire - they do not bother since they do not suffer from the freezing temperatures, or from eating their meat raw. Beauty can not be found anywhere within their culture - no traditions of music, song or skilled craft exist.

The traditional way of life changed dramatically for the Urgin tribe when Mogaroth approached them and began recruiting amongst their kin. A primitive, barbaric lifestyle was replaced with that of a soldier for the majority.

The Urgin tribe has for as long as anyone can remember waged a bitter war against the Giron to the east, who used to be superior both in skill and equipment. Today their warriors are of equal power, due to the arms and training the Urmen receive from Mogaroth.

The 7 clans that form up the Urgin tribe are:

  • Sharpcliff
  • Rawthroat
  • Stonebrow
  • Ironfist
  • Coldbreath
  • Icetrap
  • Deathrock

Thunder Tribe

Location: Central Snowy Peaks
Estimated population: 100 000

A large number of Urmen clans of the Snowy Peaks gathered in the Third Age and began attacking Irintharin settlements across the region, successfully destroying them one after one. The Irintharin kingdom of Thunder Hall was the largest and strongest of them all, and where many refugees fled to seek shelter. In the late 8th century the massive gathering of Urman clans found a passage to the lower levels of Thunder Hall, from where they launched an attack, forcing the Mórail to retreat to higher levels. Soon thereafter the war reached a stalemate, where the enemy occupied the lower levels, but could not manage to break through the Mórail guarding the passages leading up.

The legends claim that in 908 III the Urmen had gained new leadership in the shape of an ancient demon, who led their charge up the passages, finally killing just about everyone in the kingdom. Whether there is any truth behind the claim, or if it's a legend describing the ferocity the attack was carried out with is debated.

The gathering of Urmen clans became known as the Thunder Tribe after the fall of Thunder Hall, and they are still known to inhabit the former Irintharin realm. The 8 clans that form up the Thunder tribe are:

  • Stonecrusher
  • Axebite
  • Deepdelve
  • Stoneshield
  • Darkfell
  • Axskull
  • Hornarm
  • Rockfist

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