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The massive Uzlar
The massive Uzlar

“There are no limits to what a warrior possessing great strength and terrifying rage can accomplish.”

Uzlar is a colossal outsider that possesses strength second only to Thilias. He has no mouth since he never speaks – he does not even understand speech. He is in a constant state of wrath, as he rampages through the planes. Most demons and planar beings are wise enough to stay out of his way, since as suddenly as Uzlar appears, as suddenly will he move on in his hunt for destruction. Uzlar takes what he wants to conquer, crushing all standing in his way with his massive fists. Even though the strength of the demon is unmatched in the Abyss, he holds little power there. His mind is narrow, limited to living in the moment, preferably tearing those within reach to pieces.



Strength, berserkers, raiders


On constant move through the Pit.


Sages and scholars claim that an entity, identifiable as Uzlar, has always figured in the myths told among primitive warrior societies around Charun; a raging giant that crushes everything in its way. It is believed that the Third Age and the mayhem it brought gave birth to the cult of Uzlar, where the outsider rose from a mere creature of mythology to a worshipped power.


Uzlar requires nothing of his followers. Some claim that he is not aware of his status as a deity, due to his constant state of rage, while others say that he doesn't care, or that he lacks the mental capacity to do so. What ever the reason, it appeals to his followers. After all, action instead of words and brute strength instead of wits is what the cult is all about. Or as said by a unknown berzerker of the north; "Crush, take what ye want and be strong! Thus ye pay homage to Uzlar!"


The majority of Uzlar’s followers are found within groups that live by defeating others through pure strength and taking what they see fit from them. Thus they include most cultures that live by raiding others. Many are found with the northern warriors, barbarian tribes across Charun and other groups sharing that way of life.

There are others who regard Uzlar as a giver of courage, among those who are not psychologically disposed to violence or extreme acts and need help to become more aggressive. These find Uzlar to be a tremendous motivating example.


Uzlar isn't believed to manifest or intervene with the mortal world. However, legends say that it is possible to summon the deity through a secret, forgotten ritual. The legend also states that granting entry to Uzlar would be the end of the Mortal World.


Uzlar has no priesthood -- those who worship him see their connection to him as one of insipration and emulation, rather than service.


A bull or a buffalo, bull's or buffalo's head



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