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328 - (450 IV)

PC played by Breezerr



Aduineihin Noble

Vaeran Theas of House Theas was an Ulutharin noble schooled in the arcane since an early age. He left Sun Glade upon reaching young adulthood, arriving to the Old Land in 353 IV. Whether it was mere curiosity or other agendas that led to his departure from his homeland is not known.

Soon after his arrival to the Old Land, he found himself in the company of Victor Curinal, a noble as well, but with far from noble goals. Curinal was a Gesanite priest of the Black Faction, and he had arrived to the Old Land in an attempt to unveil the secrets of lichdom. A strange companion to an Uluthar noble one may think, but nevertheless the young Mórail accompanied Curinal on his dark mission. When the Gesanite failed his mission and departured back to the Isles and Vaeran continued his adventures in the Old Land.

One of the Aduineihin

During one of his visits to Sun Glade in 354 IV, Vaeran was accepted into the ranks of the Aduineihin - an order of Ulutharin warrior-wizards. It is speculated whether or not he ever since operated on their behalf in the Old Land. However, Vaeran himself didn't do anything to confirm this, and most agreed on that the Mórail had simply decided to dwell among mankind - for the moment atleast.

His arcane skills and prowess in battle was a deciding factor in many battles raging in the Old Land. Often siding with King Randvar Leikrson of Atalheim, Tyren Darkstar or Cadman, he fought both invading Dhazzir and Kanjite. He also participated in the conflict against the Eagle's Ruin, supporting his allies with his Ulutharin wizardry

Eos Thuendi

Vaeran's vision of a Mórail stronhold in the Old Land finally took form in the 360s with the construction of Eos Thuendi - a mighty tower along the southern shores of the Old Land. Planned to act as the capitol of a new realm, it eventually failed to expand according to Vaeran's wishes due to the political scene and ongoing wars. However, it remained a sanctuary and site of gathering for his kin.

Vaeran Cheats Death

Varean retreated into Eos Thuendi in the late 360s and focused on magical research and experiments. He made the occasional journey to Sun Glade, but was not a part of the adventuring scene any longer. With the death of his mentor, Eothewar Eletheas, in 362 IV, Vaeran lost an important source of knowledge. He had hoped to learn, or at least get a hint to theo Mórail longevity, but without Eothewar he had to try and unlock the secret by himself. He was believed to have died in Eos Thuendi in 450 IV, without succeeding with the final "spell" that'd lengthened his life, and he was even "buried" in the tower in a grand sacrophaus. Rumours leaked nearly a century later, saying that Vaeran had infact succeeded to unlock the secret to Mórail longevity, and that he had orchestrated his own death in 450 IV.

Opinions regarding this differ, especially since a sighting of the wizard can't be established after his supposed death in 450 IV. The Thuendil of Eos Thuendi, however, maintain that their master is alive and well.

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