Viplav Rajani

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331 - 367 IV (368 IV?)

PC played by Braoth



Son of Darkness

Hailing from the Adava caste as a descending Yeng-Yao, Viplav Rajani was casteless and thus disrespected in Kanjite society. Besides being casteless, another reason for disrespect was that he and his family had worked in near slavery on the rice-fields in the Yao province for as long as the young man could remember. They were simple farmers taught to be grateful for the little that was offered, and not to take anything for granted.

But a day came when the principles inherited throughout generations began to waver. He felt as his eyes finally opened and he began questioning their situation, but he spoke to deaf ears, so he turned to the only ones he felt would listen - the gods themselves. They, if anyone, would certainly understand him and give him the answers he needed.

A Dark Lady

A god the casteless at times turned to was the Dark Lady, even though that was unusual among his closest kin who were hard labourers. Viplav prayed her to conceal him, make him vanish into the darkness so that he would be unseen - even by his own people. He no longer saw the need to be a part of his kin, due his eyes had been opened and he despised their way of life, and their acceptance of what they felt was their fate. He had also begun hating the society he had grown up in, with the way it was organised into castes that trampled on those less worthy beneath them as they'd be simple bugs. Walking unseen, often after nightfall, deeply in the embrace of the Dark Lady, Viplav finally lost all symphaty to his family and friends, who in turn began to shun him. They called a son of a mule and spat on the ground when his name came up. However, they soon forgot about him as he faced into a mere shadow of what he once was, drifting into the mist of mermories lost.

Power and Respect

Viplav left his home, moving into a cave-system, where he slowly began to understand what he desired: Respect, which he realised could only be gained through Power. His confidence grew stronger with this new insight, due he understod that he had the power not to submit to the Kanjite society and rules, which made him respectable. This confidence, mainly gained from worshipping the Dark Lady, also seemed to affect his soul that felt suffused by something dark, filled with some unexplainable energy twirling and oozing inside of him.

Viplav decided to leave the darkness of the cave and cut the last ties he had to his former life through changing his name, which he felt had been tainted by years of slavery under the higher Kanjite castes. Viplav, meaning revolution, and Rajani, meaning night, would both honour his decission to leave and the Dark Lady.

Arrival to the Old Land

Arriving to the Old Land in late 352 IV, with a new name and a new life, things looked promising. His main goal was still gaining more power, and thus respect, as well as discovering the origin of his powers - something that still was a mystery to him.

Viplav soon joined forces with Victor Curinal, a noble from the Isles, and a Gesanite priest of the Black Faction. Curinal was pursuing lichdom, and Viplav saw an opportunity to take advantage of the ambitious priest, and accomplish his own goals. After Curinal's failure to become a lich, and his following departure to the Three Isles, Viplav once again found himself alone - until he joined forces in 359 IV with the group that would become known as the Eagle's Ruin.

Eagle's Ruin and Death

Having used deception and intrique to position themselves as a major power in the Old Land, the Eagle's Ruin finally was dealt the killing blow in 362 IV by the betrayal of Cadman, commander of the Hill Folk host. Viplav escaped into the darkness, and his whereabouts during the following five years are shrouded in mystery.

He was finally caught by Sanctia in 367 IV, and charged with the crimes comitted by him in Eagle's Ruin, as well a a recent attack on Sanctia where the remaining members of the organisation, now believed to dwell in Bardum, had poisoned the watersystem of Larmenius. He was found guilty and hung, followed by a decapitation, in Larmenius on the 20th of Randine 367 IV.

The Truth

The truth of Viplav's true fate wasn't known for decades. It wasn't until in 406 IV when the grandson of Sensechal Etienne Chavillon was cleaning the study of his long-dead grandfather, and found a notebook carefully detailing the "Shadowhawk Case", which revealed Viplav's true fate

The notebook stated that Viplav had been given a choice between being captured and executed for his association with the Eagle's Ruin, or operating as a double-agent in service of Sanctia. Viplav chose his life and was immediatly given a mission that would change the entire development of the Old Land:

Randvar Leikrson, Tyren Darkstar and several other prominent figures had been defeated in battle and captured by the Eagle's Ruin. They had been petrified and awaited shipment to the Garagorians on the Three Isles (and certain death). It was then that a ship hired by Sanctia approached the Eagle's Ruin stronghold, sent a rowboat ashore with the mage Bahira equipped with scrolls that could undo the petrification. It was "Shadowhawk" who had shared the information of the petrification and capture, and it was "Shadowhawk" who had made sure that he guarded the shoreline that day, and it was "Shadowhawk" who let Bahira into the fortress so the captives could be freed, and could later on partake in major events that changed the entire Old Land. Even though Sanctia was known for being passive in most ongoing conflicts and wars, avoiding to choose sides, they still operated behind the scenes to further their own agendas - and this event was a good example.

Viplav dissapeared after his mission - fearing his former associates and suspicions they might have. He reappeared in Larmenius later, having no where to turn, and asked for a sanctuary and for all charges against him being dropped through an official statement. He gained both in return for continuing as a double-agent and spy in service of Sanctia. His employers built him a secret complex reachable through a small house in Larmenius, where he carried on his researches around portals - due that was one of his main objectives in life - finding ways to reach outerwordly planes.

He met with several persons of importance, managing to draw information from them, such as Randvar Leikrson. He was also the first one to discover the remaints of Eagle's Ruin reformed in Bardum and their establishment of the Chrurch of the God-Lich. The meetings with his former associates led to grand plans, where he was asked to construct portals between Bardum and Larmenius so that the city could be invaded from within. Cornered once again, Viplav infromed Sanctia, which in turn raised suspicion against him by his associates in Bardum. He felt that it was only a matter of time before they'd kill him, so he approached his employers and asked them to stage his execution, charged and found quilty for crimes he hadn't comitted.

A hooded man was thus hung, followed by a decapitation, in Larmenius on the 20th of Randine 367 IV. It wasn't Viplav though, but another criminal gagged under the hood.


After his staged execution, Viplav went back to his complex under Larmenius, sealed the door shut and continued his research on portals. The notebook further states that his employers had tried to pry open the doors to his complex without succeeding. Later on, without having been able to contact him, they dediced to collapse the building above the entry, sealing him beneath it. Seneschal Etienne Chavillon's last entry in the notebook reads: "5th of Hedon 368 IV: Viplav Rajani, aka Shadowhawk, can not be reached and God knows what evil he conjures in his dungeon, or if he even lives anymore. It has been decided that Shadowhawk must be terminated for the safety of Larmenius and its inhabitants. The ramshackle house hiding the entry to his dungeon shall be collapsed, sealing the site from now on and forever. Case Shadowhak is closed."

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